Evi Kokalari, 12 public questions that need to be answered about her activities

9 Qershor 2022, 10:48, Politikë CNA
Evi Kokalari, 12 public questions that need to be answered about her activities
Evi Kokalari

Today, after she abandoned her lost war with the youth of FRPD, the activist that promotes herself as the agent for the change of DP into a conservative party wrote some lines about transparency, again by exploiting the chairman of DP and the former prime minister, Dr. Sali Berisha.

Publicly and factually, Ms. Evi Kokalari has lobbied for certain individuals to be elected within the DP leadership, she has initiated attacks against others, and has declared that upon Donald Trump being reelected the President of the United States of America, Doctor Berisha’s “non-grata” designation from the Department of State will be removed.

Evi Kokalari, 12 public questions that need to be answered about her activities

Taking into consideration the publication of certain information and facts about Ms. Kokalari from CNA.al, her nervous reactions compounded with insults and unbased accusations, we decided to consult with a law firm that has expertise regarding lobbying and related legislation in USA.  Furthermore, Ms. Kokalari wrote in one of her public postings that: “Transparency is very important for each democracy, and the Americans lead the war against any manipulation of facts.”

Well, for the sake of transparency, we have some initial questions for Ms. Kokalari, while some others with the answers will be made public later.  Consider this the first part, because some questions have been answered at the beginning of the article and by her documented activities.

Lobbying is a well-recognized and highly regulated activity in the USA.  One of the main purposes of the US legislation regarding lobbying is the transparency of the connections and contacts of US government officials with individuals who serve different principals with the purpose of influencing the decision-making of the US government officials regarding said principals.

Evi Kokalari, 12 public questions that need to be answered about her activities

In our everyday language, we refer to these individuals as “lobbyists”.  However, another reason for the US legislation regulating lobbying is the transparency between the lobbyists and their clients, mainly because to maintain transparency and eliminate corruption, the US government is interested to know how much a lobbyist gets paid in order to influence decision-making for a specific cause.

One of the main two pieces of legislation that addresses these needs is called The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).  FARA, among other things, sets forth the rules for lobbying on behalf of organizations and/or politicians that are not based in the US or US citizens, respectively.

We bring to your attention, for illustration, the DP declaration forms regarding lobbying that have been made public by us previously.  It was precisely FARA that required the US lobbyists to declare their relationship with DP, the moneys received for their services, and the matters for which they were hired to lobby.

Evi Kokalari, 12 public questions that need to be answered about her activities

To be clear, if a US citizen acts on behalf of the interests of non-US politicians and/or non-US political parties (which FARA refers as “foreign principals”) and the purpose of this activity is:

(a)   Influencing any part of the public with reference to US foreign policy, and/or with reference to the political or public interests of a foreign principal; OR

(b)   Acts in a public relations capacity for a foreign principal, THEN

the individual involved in this activity is considered a “foreign agent” and has the following legal obligations, among others:

1-     To register with the US Department of Justice no later than 10 days after commencing this activity.

2-     To submit supplemental statements of the activity every 6 months after the registration date.

3-     To ensure that all informational materials disseminated by the foreign agent, including those posted on social media or sent by text message, “must contain a conspicuous label if such media are used as instruments to disseminate informational materials.”

4-     As part of the registration and updates with the US Department of Justice, to submit the following documents:

a.      List of foreign principals for whom the foreign agent provided services, including all the activities and services for these foreign principals.

b.     Detailed diary of the political activities of the foreign agent, including attending public events, contacting Members of Congress or their staff, in person or by phone.

c.      Any money that has been received as a result of cooperation with a foreign principal during the reporting period.

d.     Any money that has been disbursed in connection with activity on behalf of a foreign principal.

e.      Financial contributions made by the foreign agent to any political organization or candidate.

Any US citizen who willfully violates the provisions of FARA is punished by a fine of not more than $10,000 or by imprisonment for not more than five years, or both.

In this context, we would like to direct the following questions to Ms. Evi Kokalari-Angelakis:

1. Are you a citizen of the United States of America? If so, do you understand that FARA applies to you?

2. Have you in any manner acted for the interests of a non-US political organization and other individual non-US politicians, whether such interests were group interests or individual interests, in or outside of the United States of America? 

3. Have you in any manner conducted yourself and/or your activity to influence any part of the public opinion with reference to US foreign policy?   

4. Have you made any public statements regarding the actions that you thought would be undertaken by the US Department of State if GOP would win the elections in the USA?   

5. Have you ever publicly declared, or lead the public to believe, that you speak on behalf of the Democratic Party of Albania, the Refounding Commission, or one or more of the politicians in Albania? 

6. Have you been registered with the US Department of Justice as a foreign agent, in accordance with the applicable US legislation, including but not limited to FARA?

7. Have you received any moneys or in-kind contributions (paid travel, trips, meals, spa treatments, etc.) during the time that you were conducting the activities that are subject to FARA regulations, including those aforementioned in 3 above? Were these moneys or in-kind contributions related in any form with your aforementioned activities?  

8. Have you declared any and all of the aforementioned moneys and in-kind contributions in accordance with the requirements of the applicable US legislation, including FARA and IRS regulations? 

9. While keeping in mind that public sources confirm that you have previously been involved in activities related to raising and collecting funds for US politicians, are you aware of the US legislation requirements related to lobbying and financial contributions, including FARA?  If you were previously aware, have you suffered any trauma that might have caused you to forget these legal requirements for the past year? 

10. Are you aware that with respect to what has been referenced above, documentation has been prepared to be submitted with the relevant US federal law enforcement authorities and those of the state of New York, because based on our research, you seem to have breached and continue to breach the laws of the United States of America?  

11. Have you informed and accounted to your dear friend, Mr. Grenell, about any and all of the moneys that you have collected by using his name, something which based on the accounts of several individuals, you have done by pretending that you have access to him and can influence his decision-making?

12. Are you aware of a letter being sent to and received by the current administration of Mr. Trump which references your potential illegal and non-authorized activities in Albania? Would you like to make this letter available to the public?

According to you, your history in Albania is finished.  In the USA, it continues …

We await your answers, while the questions keep piling up./CNA.al


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