The three coincidences of scandals that hit Edi Rama

2024-04-24 12:08:00, Editorial CNA
The three coincidences of scandals that hit Edi Rama

Immediately after the arrests of some of the most important directors of the Municipality of Tirana, most of them, the chain of command of Erion Veliajt, "surprisingly" began to burst in two weeks or in a month consecutive scandals within the left unheard of before.

Erion Veliaj tried to justify his directors, even though he disappeared for a few days, he cracked them up and said they were one or two dirty officials, he used his media.

In fact, it turned out that there were 9 directors and more than that and others in the investigation. One by one the scandals started. ( READ HERE )

The three coincidences of scandals that hit Edi Rama
Photomontage - Directors of Veliaj


On the very day of the arrest of the directors, an old information, often used by the opposition by Berisha and by Lulzim Basha himself, regarding Olsi Rama in relation to the arrests made for drug trafficking in Xibrakë, arrests made during the time of socialists, where Saimir Tahiri had been minister.

The car ride of Olsi Rama, the prime minister's brother, with a drug trafficker, the trafficker's car and others is mentioned again. Said and re-said a million times. (READ HERE)


CNA reported and reiterated that this is a political game, a previously consumed scandal, a much-discussed issue, is being blown up in a controlled manner, simply to divert attention from the arrest of Veliaj's directors to the "5D" file and the investigations of the in-depth discussions that were going on regarding the issue of incinerators.

It was "accidental" someone says. Gazment Bardhi was justified by the fact that he had announced his exit a week before at the press conference for Olsi Rama. When in fact details were revealed that the case of arresting the directors had gone to court 10 days ago.

The three coincidences of scandals that hit Edi Rama
Gazment Bardhi and Olsi Rama

So 3 days before Gazment Bardhi made his release announcement for Olsi Rama, he simply waited for the day of the arrests. He had been served a used and misused file exactly at a moment when Erion Veliaj needed even this "random" one.


But, after that, another "miracle" happens . Even though Erion Veliaj is in trouble and does not appear in the media, he tries to start the engine of his tired, corrupt, worn out, politically torn car, a "crazy" appears and Ilir Meta accidentally drives us crazy.

His madness appears in parallel, he fights with his wife, insults his wife, drunk, sober, it doesn't matter. Ilir Meta in his madness starts and takes the media lightning simply and only to get the attention away from Erion Veliaj. Even this "random".

The three coincidences of scandals that hit Edi Rama
Ilir Meta in parallel

In a few days, Olsi Rama explodes as a custom file and Ilir Meta goes crazy with custom.

Totally "random" for those who want to believe that these are conspiracy theories but, in fact, they are in detail related to each other and very true.

Because Ilir Meta has been back at the head of the LSI for almost two years, he changed his name and made it the Freedom Party and now holds a convention.

Now did Ilir Meta understand that Mona had surrounded him with her people? Now did Ilir Meta understand who Endrit Braimllari was or any girl in the KPD and PL who does not spoil anyone's work, on the contrary, they grew up in that yard and have more contributions than the Blushrat that Ilir Meta carries from behind?

The three coincidences of scandals that hit Edi Rama
Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi

The facts speak for themselves. Ilir Meta went crazy when the directors of Erion Veliaj were arrested and started a frontal attack on the Municipality of Tirana for facts and accusations of corruption, with a chain of corrupt people and thieves from head to toe supported by Erion Veliaj, the people at his side who they worked, bought votes, fought for Veliaj to become mayor and he kept them in office.

So an organization, a criminal organization that also had a head on top.


Not a few days pass. Once Meta's schemes are understood by the public that already mocks him. He calls him a useless idiot who serves Erion Veliaj.

A scandal breaks out on Rai 3. A channel with things that were all known. ( READ HERE )

All the facts said by Rai 3 were denounced by the opposition media but also by the media close to the government, but they were not given the proper weight because it is different when Rai 3 speaks and it is different when the media in Albania speak.

The case of Úngjëll Agaçi, "Don Agaçio" was denounced by Sali Berisha, from the opposition without ban and not only was he the lawyer of the traffickers, but he was accused when the scandal of the file of the drug trafficker Ylli Ndroqi to the owner of Ora News, alias Xhemail Pasmaciu.

Moreover, in the past years, it has been suspected that Engjëll Agaçi had released Ylli Ndroqi's file and Italian documents.

Who did not know that Angel Agacci was one of the famous crime lawyers in Italy?

The three coincidences of scandals that hit Edi Rama
Angel Agaçi

On the other hand, the scheme related to persons convicted outside Albania, i.e. in Italy, who receive sentences and then come to Albania and leave.

That's how it was during Berisha's time, that's how it is now. Agreements are found, they are sentenced somewhere abroad, they are extradited to Albania, through legal procedures they find spaces, capture certain points and go to justice and benefit from reduced sentences.

So it was not an unheard of case.

Fatmir Xhafaj, his connection with Mandoji, the appearance of a convicted businessman who is connected to the municipality of Tirana, with the incinerators again raise doubts that these were information released with the leadership of people around Erion Veliajt , after scandal after scandal, a A bigger scandal beats a bigger scandal, and a bigger scandal beats an even bigger scandal . The bigger the noise, the bigger the scandal, the easier it is to forget and close the first one. (READ HERE )

The three coincidences of scandals that hit Edi Rama
Fatmir Xhafaj

So these are the three random leftists in a few weeks who hit Edi Rama or more precisely serve Erion Veliaj and who hits whom the scheme is now clear and readable for everyone./ CNA


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