Ilir Meta is not stupid

2024-04-17 12:16:00, Editorial CNA
Ilir Meta is not stupid
Ilir Meta

In the last 48 hours, the head of PL has been appearing in the media with attacks, accusations, insults, insults, where in addition to the slander and untruths said about the head of SPAK Mr. Altin Dumani, he has started publicly swearing, just as he does to the tables his wife, Monika Kryemadhi. 

In fact, Iliri does not do all these actions without purpose. He has been surviving in politics for more than 30 years and for those who say he is out of his mind or stupid, they are very wrong. He does nothing without a purpose. Ilir Meta is not just a fool. 

He may have lost his mind due to the large amount of alcohol, the sleepless nights, the ghosts that appear to him, the fears created by SPAK, the dreams and nightmares about his thefts, corruption, abuses, billions of assets, and so on. in a row. 

Because Ilir Meta is not difficult to catch, it is enough to see how he studied his children abroad, with what he paid the money, what was the source of income for tuitions that amount to millions of euros. 

Ilir Meta knows quite well what corruption is , he has been caught by voice and image. Ilir Meta knows very well his wealth, what he has hidden, so he is worried about what they have revealed to him, that it is not so difficult to catch. 

Therefore, for those who say that he is crazy, they should know one thing, nothing makes him in vain. Iliri is not the only fool, even if he plays the role of a fool, he does it to escape from prison, not without reason.

Ilir Meta is not stupid
Ilir Meta

Therefore, whoever considers him a fool is wrong. He is just a nervous and perverted person because the time is coming for him to get the answer for the thefts in 30 years of politics./ CNA 



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