The "Rusmali" standard and the Veliaj theft

2024-04-12 18:19:00, Editorial CNA
The "Rusmali" standard and the Veliaj theft
Erion Veliaj and Ilir Rusmajli

In 2007, the former Minister of Justice, Ilir Rusmali, resigned. Those who have a little political memory can come up with details from that event, where a recording emerged that Ilir Rusmal's brother met the director of prisons and intervened to win a tender, without the knowledge of the minister, without any intervention from the latter.

Ilir Rusmajli set a new standard in Albanian politics. A standard set 17 years ago. Ilir Rusmali resigns without any charges, without any corrupt official and shackled in the ministry. He did not even wait for the evaluation and verification of the criminal charge, but with a media and public report, he resigned.

The "Rusmali" standard and the Veliaj theft
Ilir Rusmajli

Set a European standard in Albania. Not involved, without any intervention, he resigned as soon as he became aware of an unpleasant and unacceptable event for Ilir Rusmal's standard. But Rusmali fled for nothing, he is already out of the political scheme. He continues his work as a professional.

We are facing the "Veliaj" case.

Erion Veliaj claims that he was not aware of his thieving directors. Acts like a circus clown in public.

CNA can show them with concrete facts and evidence that he was aware, moreover, there is also a video that we are putting here when he is on the "Opinion" show of the journalist Blendi Fevziu and shows himself as surprised and for rather, it urges the directors to file criminal charges against the former deputy and candidate for mayor of Tirana, Belind Kelliçi.

In fact, the investigations had started a month before Mr. Kelliçi's report, at a conference of the latter, but the media had also reported. From that moment until the last actions of SPAK, CNA has written endlessly about Taulant Tuša, about Mariglen Qato, about Redi Molla, about all the directors and from them and Erion Veliaj, we have had unstoppable criminal attacks.

Although Erion Veliaj knew quite well what these thieves were doing, he did not interfere, did not control, the media wrote, attacked and accused them.

This is what he did with Artan Hoxha, this is what he did with Ola Xama, this is what he did with other journalists, while he goes crazy for 5 media. Meanwhile, he kept 80% of the audience under control and treated the issue of the directors like some former officials, simple, who had stolen his figs.


In fact, with the "Rusmali" standard, Erion Veliaj should have already fled, not to relativize the issue, not to reduce the weight of the scandals, not to appear as a god to other thieves, those who are behind bars and others who are in task, not to take you mafia codes, defending them, saying that he has done good work with the thieves who are building hotels with hundreds of millions of euros.

They have wealth in their name and that of their family members, ranging from hotels in Tirana, Durrës and to the south, in the tourist area of ??the Ionian Sea. The thieves are caught, they were his accomplices.

Not to mention the brother of Erion Veliaj who controls tens of millions of euros of advertising with one of his companies, which is another capture of the media and this has already been proven. ( READ HERE )

With the "Rusmajli" standard, Erion Veliaj should not only have resigned, but should have gone in front of the prosecutors to clarify his position voluntarily.

The "Rusmali" standard and the Veliaj theft

Here he would have won points, he would have become a socialist, maybe they would have loved and protected him more, even without being accused, although very soon there will be an accusation, so even without having a relationship with the directors, he would have resigned, offered himself to justice, but he doesn't.

But a 99-ç, as the socialists themselves say, can never become such, it remains a political clown in the mire of intrigues and thefts./ CNA


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