The real troubles of Erion Veliaj

2024-04-09 16:32:00, Editorial Elvi FUNDO
The real troubles of Erion Veliaj
The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj

Sweaty, tanned, in a monologue with silent journalists, servile to power, in the joint media of the incinerators, Erion Veliaj appeared yesterday in the role of the attacker, the accuser, the victim and the moralist, seeking to find other problems for his troubles .

In fact, a brief analysis is enough to understand that Veliaj's problems are neither the permits of the palaces, nor the fine journalists, nor the incinerator media, where he goes and tweets, nor the fine televisions that he uses for blackmail and attacks against journalists , nor the towers that are being built in the center of Tirana and he pretends not to look at them, nor the thieving directors who are the management command of the Municipality of Tirana.

The real troubles of Erion Veliaj
Photomontage - Erion Veliaj and some of the arrested directors

The first problem, the sale by the thieving directors

There are some directors who fell, others will fall on the way, but Erion Veliaj's first problem is whether his thieving directors will sell him, because among them there are loyal and disloyal and this is the first problem.

It doesn't matter that he can find other thieves and replace them, pretend to protect them, say that he has done great things, lie, because even for Mariglen Qato and Redi Molla, the lie told history with the boulevard, when they have not been to IMT at all and so on.

His real problem is whether the thieves, these former ones, these others, will sell it for the incinerators, for the "5D" or other riots and squabbles inside the Municipality of Tirana. They are not what he himself says. As always, Erion Veliaj is a classic con artist.

The real troubles of Erion Veliaj
Municipality of Tirana

The second problem, the Socialist Party

The second problem of Erion Veliaj is the Socialist Party. Those who have been arrested and many others are coordinators of the SP in Tirana, their political cycle is closed, but the big problem for Veliaj is whether others will join them , will there be more support in the SP in Tirana.

He knows very well that they don't like him, they don't like him as 99-ç, they don't like him as a Sufficientist, he became mayor as a socialist and now he branded you a thief with facts and evidence like no one before. Now the others who are there, the real socialists, not only in Tirana, but in all of Albania, are ashamed of Erion Veliaj, not only of his thieving directors who were caught and Erion Veliaj was aware and protected them , but also for the fact that for 10 days he has been struggling, he is trying to justify himself, to keep them, to keep himself, to find solutions, to find hope. Veliaj is already 99 years old, who with his band of thieves was branded a THIEF to the socialists by a court decision , a sect that tarnishes a historical party.

The real troubles of Erion Veliaj
Erion Veliaj when he was running Mjaft

The third problem, the bleak future in politics

Veliaj has only one goal, to lie to people in order to remain in politics again, as he has a third problem, the future looks very bleak, it looks very bleak in the SP and in politics.

After the term of the mayor is over, where will he go with a bunch of thieves and with some others who are expected to be caught soon, they are expected to appear before justice. What will be his political future?! He is already hit not only politically.

The fourth issue, the dock

Erion Veliaj has a big problem, the fourth problem, will he go to the dock, will there be an accusation against him?

He has a big problem with what he calls the Doda fortress gang in the Justice Reform, those who have investigated some files, who made him happy when they arrested another director who was not his.

The man who justified himself even with the violence he had inside the municipality, even by not acting on the Tirana incinerator affair, never separating from Mirel Mërtiri, from Klodian Zoto , never separating from the directors of the "5D" file , even though he found out a year ago, he defended them.

He was never separated from the towers that were being built without permission in Tirana , never being separated from his corrupt directors who built hotels and additional floors without permission , his directors who have become billionaires, his directors who gave tenders for the company. 5D" or that of incinerators .

This is the most important problem of Erion Veliaj, how far will the oil go in his cabbages, will justice knock on his door and say: "Erion, you are accused of one, two or three issues". He took the advice not to speak defiantly.

The real troubles of Erion Veliaj

These are the 4 big problems of Erion Veliaj, there are many other problems, but he overcomes them.

Erion Veliaj is not too worried about what the media say to him, what those who criticize him write, because 80% or more, the big media, the main media, he controls himself, manages them, sends them messages, sends them funding, he has sent with the incinerators, he sent them with the directors, he sends them with businesses, he sends them with advertisements from his brother.

These are not the troubles of Erion Veliaj.

Erion Veliaj has only 4 problems: will his thieving directors sell him, will the socialists accept him anymore, what is his future in politics and lastly, what will happen to him in front of justice?

The real troubles of Erion Veliaj
The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj

These are the 4 real problems of Erion Veliaj, the others are political and media consumption.

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