Why doesn't the head of the thieves' organization resign?

2024-04-13 11:00:00, Editorial CNA
Why doesn't the head of the thieves' organization resign?
Erion Veliaj

He doesn't do it because he's afraid, he doesn't do it because he knows the atrocities he's committed, that's the first sentence anyone says when they ask him why Erion Veliaj is afraid to take responsibility for the thefts in Tirana's municipality.

Veliaj can't even do the action of Ilir Meta, who came out with a video, with voice and image, "700, 700" and resigned, no longer going to Ilir Rusmajli's standard.

The mayor was caught red-handed, with millions of euros in tenders, thefts and abuses, even his directors . And those statements about 160,000 votes in Tirana, it's enough to face those socialists who voted for him and see how much disgust he will get. The thieving directors were appointed by him, supported by him, circulated by him, promoted by him and their boss's name is Erion Veliaj. And it is not one, but there are several. There are more than 10 people, all directors in the Municipality of Tirana, all thieves, all under investigation, some behind bars, some not.

Why doesn't the head of the thieves' organization resign?
Mariglen Qato, Redi Molla, Taulant Tushe, Erion Veliaj


Because he is a coward who will hide behind the cloak of socialists saying I am a socialist of 2024. In fact, Erion Veliaj is a MJAFTist of 2004, when he protested together with Flamur Noka and Sali Berisha against Fatos Nanos and socialists by investing so that they would switch to the opposition. Erion Veliaj is a 99-year-old MJAFTist who tried himself in the race in 2009 and saw how many votes he got. But in 2013 he went to the socialists to take power as a minister and as mayor to give them the stamp of a thief.


Therefore, he does not resign because he will use the socialists as a shield to escape from justice . In order to escape from justice as much as possible even its directors, who in addition to many accusations are expected to have two or more cases where they are involved in the final, in the end they have left the children on the streets, their families. Why? Because they were part of schemes and implemented corruption schemes.

Someone without any responsibility is in front of justice, he can do prison, but Erion Veliaj does not have the courage to resign and go before justice, to exonerate his colleagues. But he wants to hide behind the cloak of socialists and cannot set a standard within the SP, a 99-ç and a MJAFT-ist like Erion Veliaj.

Why doesn't the head of the thieves' organization resign?
Erion Veliaj, part of MJAFT

He can never set political standards, such a man without a political backbone , who beyond the principle "keep the enemy close to know what he does" should learn that he is simply and only the head of an organization of thieves in the Municipality of Tirana but temporarily bears the name of its chairman.

In fact, Erion Veliaj is the head of the organization of thieves who cannot resign because he is a coward and hides behind the socialists who shamed them by branding you thieves, when in fact the real thieves are the 99-men of MJAFT and Veliaj. / CNA 


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