By Anta Muçaku/ Ilir Meta's last role as a madman

2024-04-18 20:46:00, Editorial CNA

By Anta Muçaku/ Ilir Meta's last role as a madman

"Ilir Meta goes crazy", "Ilir Meta rages", "Ilir Meta unleashes his tongue", "Ilir Meta attacks ambassadors", "Ilir Meta collides with Donald Lu", "Ilir Meta threatens Yuri Kim", "Ilir Meta blackmails", " Take the pitchforks, grab the brooms, we'll cut off their hands..."

I have vivid flashes before my eyes with dozens of titles of this nature about former President Ilir Meta or Ilir Metaj.

Many people put their heads in their hands and fed their eyes when they heard from Meta's mouth cursing and venting towards the head of SPAK with a street vocabulary, insulting, denigrating and threatening, calling Altin Duman: "DumDuman, palaço, ignorant, rascal" and a got other tags.

Of course, such language addressed to the number one of Albanian justice is unprecedented, but it is not like that for Ilir Meta himself, who every time he is in difficulty and feels threatened, he decides to play the role of "crazy".

Meta and Berisha belong to the same language of politicians. When Meta was the Prime Minister, Berisha called him a child trafficker and a thief of the state treasury, while Meta called him a manless man, a fraud, a coward.

Years later, when Meta became the Speaker of the Parliament, Berisha mentioned "Monika's Block" and Meta reminded him of Shkëlzen in Dritan Prifti's video.

You know the rest of the reconciliation, it's a story that the political bazaar knows well.

But if this case is not enough to illustrate Meta's scripted insanity, and it seems incomparable to the attack on international or justice actors, let's remember the clash with Donald Lu.

By Anta Muçaku/ Ilir Meta's last role as a madman

The statement of the former American ambassador about the "big fish" for months turned into a sensation among all actors of politics, media and justice.

The big storm, informal meetings with journalists who were sometimes called by Meta and sometimes by the American embassy with mutual messages.

Paid writings against the ambassador, but Donald Lu appeared more and more revolted by the exit as he reinforced the message about the "big fish".

The job looked cool. A lot of us bet the arrest was so close we could even see the handcuffs.

But what we saw at the end was a double dance between Meta and Lu to the Greek song "Picirika" at Hotel Plaza. A video that I had the chance to provide exclusively and that time made the rounds of the network.

"I have pampered them more than necessary. I will be very clear about any international vagabond", said Meta referring to the ambassadors.

"They kissed on the lips and ran away," he later said of Donald Lu and Romana Vlahut, referring to the famous photo of the two ambassadors after the vote in Parliament on the Justice Reform.

Everything was closed. Meta stated that Lu had apologized after being misinformed.


By Anta Muçaku/ Ilir Meta's last role as a madman

The extreme statements qualified the largest media in the country as those of Ilir Meta at that time.

Meta revealing the phone conversations with Ambassador Yuri Kim in front of Çim Peka was the pinnacle of the climax for everyone, but not for Meta himself.

"If he wants, let him come here with Edi Rama, with whoever he wants", said Meta about Kim, the same way he invites Altin Dumani to face him today.

He shocked everyone when he hinted that the Americans even wanted to kill him.

"He took me on the phone, not here and there, we know some things about you. The ambassador says to the president of the Republic, we know some things about you. What do you know about me, take it out. If the USA has a problem with Ilir Meta, let me know that I know that you will kill me, if you go to the mountain with Gropa, take me some missiles, so that others are not harmed"!

They called him crazy even then. They swore for his end.

But you all know what happened. After the bar that Kim let them eat in DP, came the meeting with Meta.

"I have said that my relations have been and always remain very good. With Ambassador Kim, quite correct" declared Meta, this time back to "normality".

And if Meta's language towards the head of justice is still unprecedented for anyone, the precedent is senior judge Ardian Dvorani, former head of the KED.

"Mafioso, blind soldier of the party, thug", called Meta-Dvoranin in a clash that lasted for a long time.

We have seen Ilir Meta "going crazy" even when he had just been elected President of the Republic, waiting for the oath and on the eve of the parliamentary elections, he went around all the villages to ask for votes for LSI.

And later, as President of the Republic, he called on the people to grab the pitchforks and brooms and whoever would touch the votes, his hand would be cut off.

"This warning should be taken seriously and is not a joke. Whoever will try to spoil the holiday of the Albanians on April 25, should know very well that they will become the sacrifice of the holiday", Meta threatened during the campaign. A statement that even at that time raised the feet of big and small, worried locals and foreigners.

After finishing his role as the madman who would cut people's hands for votes, Meta returned to "normality" as President of the Republic. For all this, he told the Constitutional Court that he had used "literary figures".

Although it is the President who has broken records for the reversal of decrees, Meta gained quite a bit of respect with the arguments of law after law, reversal after reversal of decrees, especially the one for the National Theater where he was the only one who came out on the side of those who called the demolition of the Theater unconstitutional , was exactly the President.


By Anta Muçaku/ Ilir Meta's last role as a madman

The Freedom Party has returned to the headline these days. It started again with the "crazy" Ilir Meta who rode through the mountains and risked his life on a metal structure, some lines with Lali Eri and then suddenly "an explosion" in Opinion.

Internal strife, infidelity, intrigue, paranoia, even up to the separation of husband and wife.

"Meta releases his wife", "Monika responds to Iliri", "Meta attacks Monika: You turned the party into nepotism"!

STUPID! The next sensation.

In fact, Meta is doing nothing but protecting his wife and his Party.

Apparently well informed about the lobbying investigations, Meta is trying to distance himself and that "healthy" part of the party from the "infected" one.

He left Monika on the bench and the attack to protect him, he undertook to do it himself.

"Trace my mother-in-law to take my family hostage, you think you will take the Freedom Party hostage to take it to that bastard"!

This sentence that he said to Duman is enough to understand that Meta is doing all this just to protect his family and his party. Meta is on the roll. The difference this time is the fact that he introduced others to the role, people who owe him a lot.

Endrit Braimllari is in the role today. Perhaps in the most difficult role he has had in his life, but as a young man who sat in the seat of the deputy at a time that his peers would not even dare to dream, Braimllari knows that this is the minimum he can do for Meta. , the man who changed his life.

In the wake of the roles, there will be others who will resign from PL to separate the "good from the bad" and save what is left.

One thing is certain: Meta, as a veteran actor in politics, is playing the next script.

If once again, after the "madness", Meta manages to save himself and the party, then give him an Oscar!

And if in the above role it happened that he really went crazy, as the philosopher and writer Samuel Taylor Coleridge says: In politics, what begins with fear usually ends in madness!/ CNA

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