Meta's idiotic outbursts as strike breakers for Erion Veliaj's scandals

2024-04-21 19:11:00, Editorial Elvi FUNDO
Meta's idiotic outbursts as strike breakers for Erion Veliaj's
Ilir Meta

In fact, it is surprising, although unfortunately true, that every time CNA and many other media outlets denounce the corrupt affairs and criminal scandals of the corrupt in power, some code from the opposition comes out who appears scandalous, who acts like a madman or proves how stupid he is and attracts the attention of the media and through the media the attention of the public.

The arrest of almost all the directors of Erion Veliaj as a prelude to the corrupt activity of the mayor of Tirana himself is not only the biggest event of the last few weeks, but also the most delicate issue that SPAK has in the process, even for us proved its integrity in the fight against corruption with its leaders and not with their subordinates.

But here comes Ilir Meta as the next scumbag, telling us that the person of your attention should be me with my idiocies and not Erion Veliaj with his corruption.

Sometimes like a monkey scrambling to climb advertising platforms, sometimes like a circus pal who mocks his injuries keeping track of the nonsense he tells you as he pulls on the exercise springs as if to tell his serviles that you are nothing in front of me and then as drunk under the haze of alcohol vapors, Ilir Meta serves as an umbrella to protect Erion Veliaj. Because, almost, if a former president or former prime minister appears as a fool, his stupidity is more entertaining for people than thousands of pages of documents that prove the corruption of the mayor of Tirana.

Meta's idiotic outbursts as strike breakers for Erion Veliaj's
Erion Veliaj and Ilir Meta

That's why Lali Eri feels calm and that's why Edi Rama is confident in his power eroded by the corruption of all his people, because the stage is currently occupied by the opposition's scumbag named Ilir Meta with a "j" at the end, just like the officers of the former State Security registered their fifty-lek pawn under the name of Ilir Metaj.

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