The media that received millions of euros from Zoto and Mërtiri

2023-12-10 17:35:00, Denoncim CNA
The media that received millions of euros from Zoto and Mërtiri
Mirel Mertiri and Klodian Zoto

The people of the incinerators have taken 1 billion euros from the pockets of poor Albanians and private businesses.

Millions of euros of this money stolen from taxpayers have been given to the media for propaganda.

But the incinerator people didn't just abuse or steal, they had servants and the media.

CNA has published dozens of articles about this affair, which is the biggest corruption scheme and has not been called the theft of the century for nothing.

Through dozens of denunciations with facts and documents, CNA has shown that the tentacles of corruption go beyond the officials, ministers, secretaries, directors who have been arrested so far, they go to the media, to televisions.

Maybe Mireli & Co. didn't foresee them in the business plan, but the calculation turns out that along the way they paid billions for the media to go to prison, because they couldn't escape with their scenarios.

The media that received millions of euros from Zoto and Mërtiri
Business plan for expenses in the Tirana incinerator

Where are the billions for the media that were paid by the incinerator company?

They are still under investigation and SPAK must tell us where the looted money went to the pockets of poor Albanians.

There are dozens and hundreds of shows on "Top Channel", on "Report TV", on "News 24", on "Fax News", through various portals where the logo of the incinerators was placed for certain amounts paid by the companies.

The media have justified the money as advertising, but the fact is that it was paid by the incinerators not for advertising, but for war against SPAK and the investigating prosecutors.

Not only that, but also threats, blackmail and actions to hide the truth. Criminal offenses, all of which are being investigated.

Let's take them in turn

"Top Channel" is one of the media that received millions of euros from the incinerators and during the time that the owners of this affair, as SPAK calls it, are in search.

The media that received millions of euros from Zoto and Mërtiri
"Top Channel" building

CNA has denounced that "Top Channel" and its fines, as in August 2022, received 58 million and 565 thousand old ALL from the incinerator of Tirana.

Payments continued in September 2022, this year, where 58 million and 565 thousand old ALL were given.

Millions of lek have also gone to the companies of journalist Endrit Habilaj, whose companies have benefited around 50 thousand euros.

VOX TV, "Infinit Communication" and SH.QIP are three companies whose administrator is Endrit Habilaj.

All three of these companies, Endrit Habilaj, has received money continuously from the owners of the incinerators, Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri.

Irfan Hysenbelli's "Focus Group" company has also received millions of Lek from the incinerators.

From January to July 2021, Irfan Hysenbelliu was paid almost 11 thousand euros per month or 13 million ALL.

Even Baton Haxhiu with "Albanian Post" was paid by the incinerators.

Carlo Bollino is also on the incinerators' payroll.

For Baton Haxhiu and Carlo Bollino earlier, CNA also published the contracts showing that they were paid by the incinerators in 2021, a year that spans the electoral campaign and parliamentary elections.

With documents, CNA showed that Carlo Bollino was paid for an advertising space according to the contract for not less, but around 12,720 euros for its period.

It also published the contract of Baton Haxhiu, who, although he owns a peripheral portal, in 2021, Haxhiu receives a contract of 4400 euros/month, which amounts to 26,400 euros in 6 months.

Therefore, these are not advertising and marketing money, but media bargaining money with incinerator companies, benefiting them at the expense of poor Albanian taxpayers.

The people of the incinerators have paid the media, which not only covered a mega-affair, but have been shouting for years day and night in favor of garbage corruption, publicly serving the incinerators./ CNA

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