"Tall b*thën me"/ The lawyer loses the case, he did not pay the lunch to the judges of the Constitutional Court

2023-12-07 21:22:00, Denoncim CNA
"Tall b*thën me"/ The lawyer loses the case, he did not pay the

In the newsroom of the investigative show "Stop" on TV Klan, a citizen from Tirana, who was in court proceedings for a property issue, was addressed. He successively took the steps of the Judiciary and finally took the case to the Constitutional Court. For the legal prosecution, he gave a power of attorney to lawyer Fatmir Gjika.

The citizen says that when he met with the lawyer, the latter asked him for 500,000 Lek for the claim-lawsuit, and then 1,500 Euro as a bribe for the judges of the Constitutional Court, in order to win the trial.

After the session ended, the lawyer asked for another 500 thousand Lek so that the judges, after taking the decision in their favor, could have lunch. Most recently, the citizen did not give it to him. In the end, when the decision is revealed, the citizen's request was rejected.

Complainant:  When we first met, he only asked me for 500,000 Lek for the claim and 50,000 Lek for the power of attorney. I asked him if I had other payments and he said "you don't have any other payments". After some time passed, he asked me for another 1,500 Euros, because according to him, he wanted to give it to the judges of the Constitutional Court so that I would be sure to win the trial.

Journalist: Did he tell you who the judge would give 1,500 Euros for you to win the trial?

Complainant:  He didn't mention names, but according to him, we should definitely give it to you in order to win the trial. I gave him the money, he took it. Some time passed and all the time when I asked him he told me that "you have won the case". After the trial took place, but no decision had been made, he asked me for another 500 thousand Lek. They loved the judges of the Constitutional Court to have a lunch after finishing the trial. I forced myself and made the decision myself and saw that I was dropped. I had lost the trial. Further, I asked for the Lek and according to him, I gave those Lek to win the trial.

Journalist: Has he returned the Lek?

Complainant:  No, he still hasn't returned the Lek and I'm waiting. The decision was made in June.

The citizen asked the lawyer for the money back, but the latter only deceives him repeatedly. The legal defender tells the citizen that "he won the case, but the judges were offended that he did not give them lunch, so they overthrew him".

Citizen:  Are you saying that only for 500,000 Leksh did they overthrow us? Only that 500 thousand Lek brought us down?

Lawyer Fatmir Gjika:  To tell you the truth, it seems to me that they did it out of anger, that they said this joke to us. They told me, give us a lunch. Lunch cost him more, in a moral sense, I swear. He (the judge) told me, 4 of us, 5 of us will go for lunch. I had three in the pan, as you saw there.

Citizen:  Lawyer, why have they fallen so low for 500 thousand Lek?

Lawyer:  It's not about Lek. It's morality. Are you kidding us?

Citizen:  You should have given him a lawyer yourself..!

Lawyer:  I didn't have it, because of the children. I had given it to him 100 times myself, I didn't have it. For that God, for the heads of the three reeds, I put my hand on the pipe! Now, I said, go to such and such a place, because I came! They went to bed, that iq... nonna I didn't go either. They pissed me off.

Citizen:  Who were these? Having so much company...

Lawyer:  It doesn't matter! I had a fault myself. "Go have a lunch, because I came"! And it is rather that morality, as you say. Here, the anger of the Albanians.

Citizen:  They took 1,500 Euros and they were ok.

Lawyer:  Ore, the trio was (agreed). They are 9 people. These three I have friends, one of them at least, who passed and I don't ask them. Thank you! I eat it myself, in the very best sense of the word.

Citizen:  Who is this friend of yours?

Lawyer:  It doesn't matter now! Ore, I have put the country in danger there, because they say, make fun of us, because they know me as a powerful lawyer.

Citizen:  Well, who will return those Lek to me?

Lawyer:  I'll pay them back one by one myself. I gave the talk. I'm sorry about the issue, not about the 1500.

Citizen:  You told me at the end of November I will give Lek, I didn't bother you.

Lawyer:  I don't have them now. I will give it to him. Ore, I gave the talk.

Citizen:  If you didn't give it to them, give it to me, but you did give it to them...

Lawyer:  I put my hand...

Citizen:  You gave it to them, then you took it from them!

Lawyer:  I can't deal with that part now, because I have work with them again tomorrow.

Citizen:  Once again, I have kept my word. It's the end of November now…

Lawyer:  When you don't have it, you don't have it, brother. He killed me, what can I do! Within a month or two you will receive them.

Citizen:  Taking what you gave him, lawyer!

Lawyer:  No, I can't take him. I didn't tell you anything, it's not that I deny it./tvklan.al

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