"We did it with the state, forget it! Lash should be paid..."/ 3 thousand euros that "closed" the accident

2023-11-28 22:51:00, Denoncim CNA

"We did it with the state, forget it! Lash should be paid..."/ 3

Regarding the accident in Durrës where the driver of the van, Ndue Abazi, caused an accident to a motorcycle driver, in violation of traffic rules, "Stop" also spoke with the author of the accident, who also has a business at the scene and hid the security cameras.

Journalist:  What are we lying about?

Ndue Abazi:  What are you lying about? Tell me what you came for and I'll tell you what I'm waiting for.

Journalist:  Did you have an accident here with that motorcycle?

Ndue Abazi:  Ehh? Yes.

Reporter:  Are you the owner?

Ndue Abazi:  Yes!

Journalist:  Did you cause the accident?

Ndue Abazi:  Yes!

Journalist:  And you weren't guilty, but he was?

Ndue Abazi:  According to him, there is no airstrip running at 180 per hour.

Journalist:  Here, even the airstrip, you have to turn on the signal when you enter...

Ndue Abazi:  The signal has been opened.

Journalist:  You didn't open it sir, here is the camera and you hid the security cameras from the prosecution.

Ndue Abazi:  Well, why don't you agree with me once.

Journalist:  So we will come, how do you know? That's where you got in, sir, and you didn't turn on the signal. Plus here is the unbroken line.

Ndue Abazi:  Where is the line?

Journalist:  There you have it.

Ndue Abazi:  Where does the line exist?

Journalist:  That it doesn't exist is another problem. There you have it, sir, and you didn't turn on the signal.

Ndue Abazi:  And over there?

Journalist:  How? Are we lying or you?

Ndue Abazi:  No, no, the reason?

Journalist:  Why didn't you open a signal here that you are going back to your property?

Ndue Abazi:  This is the entrance I always enter.

Journalist:  You always come in, but you have to open the signal.

Ndue Abazi:  But who allows you to walk with 180 here?

Journalist:  It's not 180.

Ndue Abazi:  How much is it?

Journalist:  You keep what you have?

Ndue Abazi:  How much is it?

Journalist:  How much lek did you pay prosecutor Flora Reka?

Ndue Abazi:  I paid?

Journalist:  Yes.

Ndue Abazi:  Absolutely none.

Journalist:  The police? Judicial Police Officer?

Ndue Abazi:  None!

Reporter:  Ok, none, thank you.

According to the video evidence, he gave sums of Euros to the prosecutor's office, the police, experts, so that the footage of the security cameras would not be included in the investigation file.

With "Stop" hidden cameras, we obtained the testimony of the son of the author of the accident, Sokoli, who claims that he paid the prosecutor Flora Reka in the Durrës prosecutor's office and also paid the police.

"Flora Reka manipulated everything. The boy who caused me an accident knows the prosecutor's son and told me himself that I gave money and spent everything with the police," said the informant.

In total, the author's son says that he gave 3 thousand Euros to close the case of his father's accident.

Complainant:  You didn't answer them at all, not even for the smallest thing...

Sokol Abazi:  Didn't I answer?

Whistleblower:  Not in the slightest.

Sokol Abazi:  What should I answer you?! If you have it with the state, forget it! I am free from any legal obligation, both legal and moral, because I have also spoken to those who have collided 200 times, don't remember that they have not spoken to me... You have no obligation to them, if the state intervenes between

Complainant:  And if the state intervenes, what does that mean?!

Sokol Abazi:  I don't even have a job at all, because it's with the state...

Whistleblower:  Why? What did you arrange with the state?

Sokol Abazi:  I arranged them with the state, I left fur, to pay the prosecutor. (Flora Reka)

Complainant:  Flora Reka, the prosecutor, my friend has his own aunt.

Sokol Abazi:  Yes!

Declarant:  And he asked her closely and she told him that she didn't take anything from the bags.

Sokol Abazi:  How about bags?

Declarant:  Well then, why did you give Lek to the prosecutor for nothing?

Sokol Abazi:  I didn't give him any money? How could I cover it? How do I cover this? Tell me, you?

Complainant:  Why did you give them 3 thousand euros?

Sokol Abazi:  Does 3,000 Euro seem a bit much to you? 1 thousand Euros here, 1 thousand Euros there..., who gives it to me?!

Complainant:  That is, they took them, I hung the wool, I am the injured party, at all...

Sokol Abazi:  How injured?

Informant:  Ore, did you tell me at the beginning, I will go out side by side?

Sokol Abazi:  I told you to give up the police...

Informant:  I left the police...

Sokol Abazi:  How did you leave, brother? Did you give your statement when the medical examiner came, yes...

Complainant:  And I told him, that I don't remember anything from the accident. That's it! You betrayed me Kolo.

Sokol Abazi:  No, I have not betrayed you at all. They hit me, they dragged me and I didn't ask for anything. You have Fatjon as a witness. They dragged me too.

Whistleblower:  Okay…

Sokol Abazi:  Ok!

Whistleblower:  If you're going to shut down here, we'll shut down everything!/tvklan

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