The affair of the incinerators cannot be closed with a few "directories"

2023-12-09 09:26:00, Denoncim CNA
The affair of the incinerators cannot be closed with a few
Incinerators and SPAK

The incinerators are proving day after day, week after week, month after month that they are the biggest affair of the century in Albania. They are the biggest crime and theft that has happened in these 30 years, where we are simply not dealing with a tender or auction, we are not dealing with some public funds. 

We are dealing with about 178 million euros of money paid by Albanian taxpayers and business for incinerators that do not work, incinerators that have not been completed and moreover for incinerators that do not exist. 

The facts have spoken and speak for themselves.

In Elbasan, we have an incinerator that cost 24 million euros, of which a large amount of money was taken by the corruption of state officials, proven by SPAK. But the biggest problem is that the incinerator is quite expensive and in Elbasan the garbage was burned again in the summer of this year. 

There is an incinerator in Fier that is better than the one in Elbasan, but it does not work because the investment has not been completed even though the government has given 34 million euros.

In Tirana we have an incinerator that does not exist. 110 million euros in 6 years and the incinerator is non-existent, there is no incinerator. Their truth is a corrupt affair of officials that has included the top of the state, from the prime minister to the smallest official of the central administration, and from the mayors to their most peripheral official. 

An affair that put dozens of people in prison, most of them directors. Yesterday, for the first time, the directors of Tirana Municipality were also arrested, the untouchables became martyrs for a corruption affair that is even more scandalous, with even greater sums than Fieri and Elbasan.

The arrest is another step, but still SPAK has not told us when it will go to the end and will really follow the traces of corruption, of money, of millions of euros, which in Tirana are more than the two incinerator investments in Elbasna and Fier, taken together. 

So the two incinerators in Fier and Elbasan cost about 68 million euros. While in Tirana, the government and business have paid 110 million euros for the non-existent incinerator, this could not be done by Taulant Tushja, Simirxhiu or administration officials.

Therefore SPAK must go even higher, much higher./ CNA


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