Pesticides “tie the hands” of Arben Kraja/ The scandal which SPAK is afraid to investigate

5 Maj 2022, 14:51, English CNA
Pesticides “tie the hands” of Arben Kraja/ The scandal which SPAK is

Justice reform and the new institutions that emerged from it are seen as hope by Albanians that they will finally find the missing justice, and that will be cracked down the corruption at the highest levels. One of the new justice institutions is the Special Prosecution Against Organized Crime, otherwise known as the SPAK, strongly supported by the US Embassy in Tirana.

But what is happening? One of the files, which should ?wake up? SPAK, is that the scandal with Chinese pesticides. Since June 2021, CNA.al has denounced with exclusive documents in several investigative articles, a scandal of unimaginable proportions.

It is about a scandal that took place in 2018, for which CNA.al showed with official documents, how thousands of boxes of Chinese pesticides used in agriculture, not certified by the European Union, entered our country, and which were banned by law.

CNA.al showed with exclusive documents how quantities of banned pesticides were loaded in China, then arrived in Durrës from Shanghai. According to official sources and data documented by CNA.al, the whole process of introducing in Albania of these uncontrolled Chinese pesticides, outside the EU standard, has been done using as a cover a Spanish company.

On the other hand, the connection of the Spanish company with pesticides, which could guarantee the quality and standard of the EU, has not been proven. There was also complete information provided by the Directorate of Customs Investigation.

But even though almost a year has passed since the denunciation of this scandal, with exclusive facts and documents, there is still no reaction from justice system. Pesticides seem to have ?tied the hands? of the head of SPAK, Arben Kraja.

Facts are facts. And the truth is that the pesticides brought by a Chinese company, were imported to Albania directly from China, and didn?t receive the certification of the European Union standard. The documents are clear, the evidences are there, and the SPAK has a chance to show Albanians that the missing justice will finally come.

But apparently, the pesticide dossier is a scandal, which SPAK is afraid to investigate. The scandal also led to the dismissal of the Director of Investigation, who revealed this scandal, Ervin Brahaj. The latter is learned to have had a strong clash with the then Deputy Prime Minister, Erion Braçe.

So Braçe has demanded the resignation of the Director of Investigation at Durres Customs, who revealed the scandal of the introduction in Albania of thousands of boxes of Chinese pesticides, which were strictly prohibited by law. But SPAK has the ?proof stone? in its hand, to show if it is aligned with corruption, or is on the side of the interest of the citizens./ CNA.al

Pesticidet i ?lidhin duart? Arben Krajës/ Skandali që SPAK nuk guxon t?i afrohet

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