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From sludge coffee to corrupted affairs/ Edi Rama appears “naked” again in front of the albanians

8 Prill 2022, 18:34, English CNA

Prime Minister Edi Rama appeared once again naked in front of the public opinion. Not nude like a few years ago on a beach, but naked towards corrupted affairs, for which he cannot give an answer. In this situation appeared last night Prime Minister Edi Rama, who has been in charge of the government for 3 terms.

The biggest corruption scandal, such as that of the incinerators, has completely exposed Edi Rama. The latter, with the repeated attitude that he is not responsible for other government officials, lost his voice in the face of corruption produced by incinerators.

A former minister and a former MP are in prison today for incinerators, but Edi Rama says he doesn?t feel any legal or moral responsibility. Beyond all this behavior, even though he does not accept it, Rama was betrayed by his body language, which shows that he is in a panic.

In these circumstances, he sent coded messages the night before to the arrested officials, but also to those on the list to be arrested. Edi Rama was called a few weeks ago as a witness in the parliamentary inquiry commission for incinerators, but has not been called by justice so far.

He claims that his associates have violated the law behind his back, while talks with superlatives about their work. So on the one hand he says they were his collaborators, and on the other hand he claims that they were out of his control.

Rama also avoided some direct questions regarding the benefits of the company that won the incinerators tender. He even refused to answer several times, ignoring the conversation in the anchorman in studio.

Initially he asked to be served a coffee by the show staff, and then got up from the chair and approached the public, interrupting the live conversation, as he said that the citizens are more interested in hearing about the price crisis the government is facing.

Rama bypassed the corruption with the incinerators, the theft of albanian taxpayers?money, implying that this affair has caused him a great headache, and he shook the ground beneath his feet. He then appeared with a cup of coffee in his hands, in the role of a fortune-teller, exactly in the role for which he once accused the chairwoman of the SMI, Monika Kryemadhi.

In an attempt to explain why was discharged the water of the Fierza Hydropower Plant, while previously the energy was bought at a higher price and sold cheaper, Rama staged like a fortuneteller with a cup of coffee. Even this topic brought him naked in front of the public, trying to cover himself with the sludge of the coffee cup.

In almost all situations, Rama once again appeared naked in front of public opinion. He went out of control for incinerators, ended up in sludge coffee, was caught lying about reimbursing chips to citizens suffering from diabetes, and maneuvered here and there to blur scandals and focus public attention on his actions that resembled those of a drunk man./CNA.al

Nga llumi i kafesë tek aferat korruptive/ Rama del sërish zhveshur


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