Luxury offices, cars, bodyguards/ Lulzim Basha’s dark finances

29 Mars 2022, 12:41, English CNA

After the dismissal and departure from the headquarters of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha has taken over new offices. It is located in a very expensive area of Tirana, in the premises of Torre Drin.

The media reports that in the new office, Basha received 4 drivers from the Democratic Party, while the secretaries are new. In terms of human resources, after his dismissal and departure as a loser from the DP, in addition to secretaries and the rest of the staff, Basha has hired drivers and bodyguards.

And all of these services, including the luxury office, come at a cost. The sources of the money with which he pays the office and the people, who serve him are not known, they are obscure. The sources of the money he pays, the expenses for the car, the drivers and the bodyguards are also unknown.

Because the Republic Guard removed his services, since according to the law these services it belongs to the leader of the opposition. ?The Guard of the Republic of Albania guards and protects the chairman of the largest parliamentary opposition party?, it is stated, among others, in Article 4, Point C of law No. 8869, dated 22.5.2003.

Basha is no longer the leader of the party, much less the leader of the opposition. Even with a court decision, Lulzim Basha is no longer the chairman of the Democratic Party. Therefore, Basha must tell albanians what is the source of his luxury, and where he finds the money to pay for the car, driver, bodyguards, offices, secretaries and others things./CNA.al

Zyra luksoze, makina, truproja/ Financat e errëta të Lulzim Bashës

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