Gledis Nano with “drugged” policemen?/ Bluff with the test for narcotics

7 Prill 2022, 12:59, English CNA

Last year, the director general of the State Police, Gledis Nano, ordered the drug test to be carried out on police officers. On November 22, 2021, Nano signed an agreement with the directors of the private laboratory who would carry out these tests.

According to Nano, this step was taken in the context of raising standards and personal integrity, to stop the use of narcotics by police officers. Nano also stressed that these tests are very valuable for enhancing the image of the police in the community, and for gaining the trust of citizens, because conducting periodic testing for narcotics will eliminate charges against the police.

But what happened?

In the first days there was a boom of information, that some tests had been performed, and police officers were found to be using narcotics, and on them was launched an administrative investigation. Then silence ensued.

It was initially reported that 1.736 police officers had been tested, and that process would continue for other persons, which have a higher leadership role in the state police. In February of this year, it was reported that 45 police officers who tested positive for drugs would be investigated by the Directorate of Professional Standards.

The search for them, before they were finally expelled by the police, provided a second test. The second investigation is about history and contacts of persons who have had these cops. It is not known what happened to the second investigation, nor that how anti-drug testing has gone in the ranks of the police nationwide.

Today no one speaks, everyone is silent. Gledis Nano appears from time to time giving decorations and cutting inauguration ribbons, not saying a single word about the order that caused a stir in the media.

Were 11.000 police officers tested? What happened to the disputes of the police officers, who claimed that the report on them was not correct? There is no more transparency, while from time to time there have been arrests of police officers on charges of involvement in narcotics trafficking.

Thus, at the end of December 2021, the Internal Affairs and Complaints Service issued an arrest warrant for 5 police officers in Fier region, accused of drug cultivation and abuse of office. Like these are dozens of other police officers, who have been put under investigation in connection with drugs.

It has never been clarified whether this is for business, traffic or even for personal use. Even with the famous anti-drug testing in the ranks of the police, it is not known what happened, it ended or not and if so, how it ended.

Moreover, in the ranks of the state police, there are people who have been investigated by Serious Crimes Prosecution, today SPAK, and their cases have been closed in a suspicious way./CNA.al

Gledis Nano me policë ?të droguar??/ Blofi me testin për lëndët narkotike

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