SPAK cannot forget Ben Blushi, the incinerator partner

1 Prill 2022, 14:44, English CNA

The incinerators affair, one of the most accused in Albania, is already under investigation by the judiciary system. After the investigation on the incinerators in Elbasan and Fier, SPAK has arrested a former minister and an MP.

Officials and administrators have also been arrested, while incinerator owners have been declared wanted. But SPAK cannot forget the partners of the incinerators, among whom is the former politician Ben Blushi. The latter is partnering with incinerator owners in at least three companies.

First, Ben Blushi himself is a direct partner with the company Kudo Pay, with Vjollca Hoxha and Stela Gugalla. The latter declared wanted. On the other side is EM Capital Group, the company that bought Lori Coffee. EM Capital Group, is a company where 33 percent of the shares are owned by Eva Blushi, Ben Blushi?s wife, 33 percent by Mirel Mërtiri and 34 percent by Klodian Zoto.

There are many properties, hundreds of thousands of euros added to his account, as soon as he left the post of MP. Involved directly with incinerator owners. An arrested minister, an arrested MP. A herd of directors and administrators. While the partners, the closest collaborators of Mirel Mërtiri and Klodian Zotos are still free.

Following in the footsteps of the tortoise, SPAK is trying to close the proceedings, to tell the albanians that a corrupt affair is being investigated. In fact, the affair doesn?t start and does not end with either Alqi Bllako or Lefter Koka. The circle is many times wider. Millions of euros have been paid for the media, for television, for advertising, for publicity.

Their closest collaborator has been Ben Blushi, their partner, not alone, but with his wife. Maybe the former politician, the former state official, the former minister hopes and thinks that having no political post can be pure, and justice doesn?t have to deal with him.

In fact, justice must act on everyone who has benefited from albanian tax money. The money paid by the incinerators are the tax paid by albanians citizen. The signatures of ministers, secretaries-general or directors were abusive, and then was paid the media.

That money must be returned to where it was, to the state budget, or the persons who received it must serve their prison sentences, and pay every penny they have abusively benefited from the taxes of the albanians citizen.

Blushi probably thinks and hopes that being out of state offices, he is calmer and can do whatever he wants. But SPAK must investigate the assets of Ben Blushi, during the time he was an MP and then on everything that happened. Ben Blushi is not yet being investigated by SPAK, although there are several criminal charges against him./CNA.al

SPAK nuk mund të harrojë Ben Blushin, ortakun e inceneratorëve

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