Scenario revealed/ Lulzim Basha sent Ervin Salianji to Korça to take hostage the DP branch

20 Prill 2022, 16:40, English CNA
Scenario revealed/ Lulzim Basha sent Ervin Salianji to Korça to take

The Re-establishment Commission has already entered the headquarters of the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, elections are taking place for the new chairmen of the DP branches throughout the country. While after the Assembly on April 30, the Democratic Party will have its structures and leaders.

But while are taking place the elections for the heads of the branches, on the stage are appearing various people, who during the last 8 years have been among the main supporters of any political madness of the former leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha.

Like the ?hyenas?, they try to get their head out again, and take whatever they can. One of these people who has been on Basha?s side for about 8 years, is also the deputy Ervin Salianji.

He was at the DP headquarters on January 8, when the democrats were beaten. He is also the one who was photographed with a stick in his hand. On the other hand, he is trying to reach an agreement with Sali Berisha.

But the pear has its tail behind it, and everything seems to be a scenario of Lulzim Basha to take hostage the branch of the Democratic Party in Korça. And for this Basha is trying to use Ervin Salianji. In the race for the head of the DP branch in Korça there are two candidates.

The first is Ledina Aliolli, a serial loser, who has been running for years but never wins. She lost as a candidate for mayor, and for party leadership. She led the DP Women?s League in Korça for 10 years. Always looking for a leadership position.

She was a lackey to everyone to make a career. Yesterday for Lulzim Basha, and now for Ervin Salianji. On the other hand, another name has appeared on the scene, Devis Osmani. This is supported by Niko Peleshi, Minister of Edi Rama.

In Aliolli doesn?t receive the support of the Democrats of Korça due to the consumption that comes from Lulzim Basha, Peleshi has chosen to put another name, the former secretary of the DP branch, Devis Osmani.


So, Peleshi want Ledina Aliolli winning for her incompetence, or Devis Osmani, a ?soldier? backed by Andrea Mano, Niko Peleshi?s partner in business. The scenario is already clear. Lulzim Basha sent Salianji to take hostage the Korça DP branch./CNA.al

Zbulohet skenari/ Basha çon Salianjin, të marrë peng PD-në e Korçës

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