A fiscal amnesty for 30 years of transition

10 Prill 2022, 13:10, English CNA

A few years ago, Prime Minister Edi Rama proposed the idea of a fiscal amnesty. But after clashes with internationals, he couldn?t accomplish it. The same thing happened with the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha in 2011.

But at that time he was also hindered by the opposition of Edi Rama, which didn?t give pro votes for the decriminalization of declaring money in the amnesty process. At that time, Albania had open roads to Europe and former Prime Minister Berisha asked for an amnesty to clear perhaps once and for all the history of these 30 years of transition.

Prime Minister Edi Rama tried to do it himself when he came to power. But he didn?t find a consensus, and now he has returned to this thesis. In fact, the current opposition should not be complexed by Prime Minister Rama?s proposal. If he offers at least the minimum amnesty requested by former Prime Minister Berisha and his government in 2011.

When the DP was in power together with Ilir Meta, and part of the government was also Lulzim Basha. Albania needs today a fiscal amnesty, as it would bring a lot of revenue to the budget and would greatly affect the economy. So that would be a very good boost for the country.

In fact, today the opposition is stagnant and at the moment that Prime Minister Rama mentions a general amnesty, the parties are positioned in the trenches of the political war. But this is the case when the opposition must show that it knows how to overcome political grudges.

As it is clear that the importance of fiscal amnesty is for the interests of the country, for the interests of the majority of the population. There are people who want fiscal amnesty, both businesses and ordinary citizens.

There are others who say that amnesty shouldn?t be done, as money will be laundered. In fact, our whole region, the whole of Europe has undertaken fiscal amnesties. And forgiveness or decriminalization at the moment of declaring the source of income, especially for immigrants, for albanian citizens who hide money under their pillows, for those who have worked in 2 or 3 shifts, for people who have a lot of money, but who don?t enter the market, is a very important process that interests not only thousands of citizens, but also the economy and development of the country.

Albania needs deep reforms. An amnesty would be an oxygen for a reform for the development of the country. Therefore, this amnesty should not complicate the opposition. The latter should be in favor of fiscal amnesty. The opposition must minimally accept the 2011 amnesty, which was then rejected by the socialists, showing that its vision has been clearer and fairer./CNA.al

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