Mrs.Hoxha, who fined the businessman Arben Reli?

13 Prill 2022, 12:39, English CNA

One of the most watched televisions in Albania, Top Channel, faced recently an internal debate. In the news editions, were issued accusations that the finers were fired from this television. So it is accepted that on this television, there were journalists who imposed fines.

On the other hand, a journalist and the staff of the investigative show Top Story, reacted harshly to Vjollca Hoxha, the owner of Top Channel. But beyond this debate, which was a scandal, CNA.al is asking a public question. This question belongs to Mrs. Hoxha, but maybe also to the others in the staff of the show Fiks Fare, or the newspaper Shqip.

Who fined the businessman Arben Reli? So, what was the reason why Mr. Arben Reli was attacked by the investigative show Fiks Fare? What were the interests? He was attacked for illegal construction, he was accused of works done 10 years ago, etc.

On the other hand, the fierce attacks on the newspaper Shqip and the show Fiks Fare on Top Channel, were made because the businessman refused to meet anyone. So Reli was attacked for influencing some lawsuits he has with his former business partner.

But such conflicts in Albania are numerous. Meanwhile, in the case of Mr.Arben Reli, the attack of Top Channel was frontal. Even the attack by the newspaper Shqip. And the attack continues to this day. Always one day before the next court hearing.

As part of this vicious campaign, judges are attacked by being called bandits. And businessmen are accused. A shameful attack, a fine or what else? Newspaper Shqip was run by Endrit Habilaj, who was denounced by Vjollca Hoxha as a journalist who imposed fines on businesses.

But what happens when a national media, an online newspaper, an investigative show, attacks and accuses of the sake of completely clientelist interests, a day before the court hearing? Is not this a fine? A threat? A blackmail against justice?

Does he intend to influence a court decision against a businessman, who is pressured to enter into a bargain with the other party, for whom Top Channel has no right? Top Channel is a medium, and cannot interfere between the two private parties.

In conflict are two private parties. There is no public interest, or no abuse of money of albanian taxpayers. Mrs. Hoxha, apparently the time has come for you to finally tell us the truth. Who is behind the attacks on Arben Reli?

Is she hiding personally and her rosy stories behind these attacks, or has it all been a fine against this businessman? And the last question:Since it is alleged that the finers were fired by Top Channel, will Ms.Hoxha distance herself from the case of businessman Arben Reli? /CNA.al

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Kush i vuri gjobë Arben Relit, zonja Hoxha?

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