Details that “sink” the government/ 23 billion Lek for the incinerator that doesn’t exist

11 Prill 2022, 13:21, English CNA

Albanian government has been involved in a scandal over the incinerators affair. The Prime Minister refuses to call it a corrupt affair. At the last Socialist Party Congress, he said there are some people who deceive behind his back. If thi sis true, what does he do at the head of the government?

Because there is no justification for a dizzying amount, that according to expert estimates to 600 million euros in Tirana alone. Not to mention the other costs and the investment of about 50 million euros in Fier and Elbasan. But let?s dwell on another fact.

The incinerator in Tirana, the company Integrated Energy BV SPV, according to the concession contract signed with the albanian government, will be paid 29 euros for each ton of waste for incineration. And this includes the collection, processing of garbage, land filling, separation and finally the incineration process that would also produce electricity, through which the company will win more millions of euros.

In fact this amount has been paid since 2018. In almost 4 years have been paid about 40 million dollars. This amount was paid in parts by the government, as an unconditional transfer, and partly by the Municipality of Tirana. But where is the difference or theamount of money overpaid for the incinerator company?

First, we emphasize that Tirana doesn?t have yet an incinerator. It couldn?t be built in 4 years. The construction began in 2017, although the concessionaire company claims it started in 2019. In fact official data show that the company has started construction of the project since the end of 2017.

And in 2018 he received a payment of 10 million dollars a year from the Municipality of Tirana and the albanian government. The concession contract provides for the processing of 550 tons of waste per day. In fact according to the data, there is a working volume of 700-750, or even 800 tons of waste per day.

This includes only urban waste, not those that come from construction, digging holes, soil, inerts, etc. According to official data, the government has paid the company 29 euros for tons, according to the contract. But here begins the deception. The cost is 29 euros/ton for incineration.

While in Tirana there is still no incinerator, but only a landfill. As it once was, with only one difference:the old waste has been encapsulated, and the territory has been cordoned off. Hills or pits in Sharra were also used to carry out the landfill disposal process.

This has had an investment cost, but totally minimal. According to the contract and the feasibility study, the cost for the landfill of urban waste is 12.5 euros/ton. So, we have a difference of 16.5 euros per ton. The albanian government pays 16.5 euros more per ton every year for the Sharra landfill.

For the company Integrated Energy BV SPV, where there is no incinerator. According to the contract, the albanian government had to pay only 12.5 euros per ton until the incinerator was set up, and then pay a full 29 euros/ton.

The payment of 16.5 euros for a process that doesn?t happen has caused great financial damage, at least $ 5.7 million a year. In total for 4 years this amount goes to about 22.8 billion Lek, or 22.8 million dollars./CNA.al

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