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Millions of euros for the incinerator that doesn’t exist/ When will SPAK “wake up” for Tirana?

14 Prill 2022, 14:50, English CNA

The corruption scandal of incinerators, started in 2014, with the coming to power of the Socialist Party, is one of the most scandalous of 30 years of democracy. It is about an affair which starts with a concession contract worth 22 million euros in Elbasan, in Fier for 28 million euros and in Tirana, with an initial contract that costs 128 million euros.

Regarding the incinerators, an investigation was also conducted by SPAK. At least for the incinerator of Fier and Elbasan, senior officials have been arrested, including the former Minister of Environment in the government ?Rama 1?, Lefter Koka, and the former Secretary General of this ministry, Alqi Bllako.

But for Tirana, when will SPAK ?wake up?? In Tirana, it seems that theft is bigger. The initial contract is 128 million euros. But according to expert estimates, the total sum amounts to 600 million euros. Not to mention the other costs and the investment worth 50 million euros in Fier and Elbasan.

On the other hand there is also a detail. In the concession contract, it is stated that the company Integrated Energy BV SPV will be paid 29 euros per ton of incinerated waste. But what happens? Currently, in Tirana there is no incinerator but only a landfill.

There is only one small difference:the old waste are encapsulated and the territory is surrounded. On the other hand, since 2018, ie almost 4 years, the albanian government and the Municipality of Tirana, have regularly paid to the concessionaire Integrated Energy BV SPV the full fee of 29 euros/ton, as provided in the contract.

The contract clearly states this fee is for inceneration. But according to the official data of the company, when there is only landfill of waste, the cost is 12.5 euros per ton. So we have a difference of 16.5 euros per ton, which was paid to the company Integrated Energy BV SPV, where there is still no incinerator.

Not to mention here the millions of revenues of this company from businesses in Tirana due to soil from construction sites, or waste from various private entities in the capital, which in 4 years have paid the concessionaire about 20 million dollars.

It is the duty of justice, the duty of SPAK to investigate this affair to the end, and to find where has gone the money of Albanian taxpayers. The affair of incinerators doesn’t?st start or end with Lefter Koka or Alqi Bllako. SPAK should ?wake up? for abuses with the incinerator concession in Tirana./CNA.al

Miliona euro për inceneratorin që nuk ekziston/ Kur do “zgjohet” SPAK, për Tiranën?

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