The incinerators affair/ Who is next after Lefter Koka and Alqi Bllako?

18 Prill 2022, 16:01, English CNA

The incinerator affair is one of the most accused in Albania, for which have been arrested a former MP and a former minister of Edi Rama?s government. It is about 3 concession contracts worth 178 million euros, where decisions are taken in the Council of Ministers.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Edi Rama has tried to ?wash his hands? of his personal responsibilities. Although in connection with this affair, are already in handcuffs the former minister Lefter Koka and Alqi Bllako, former MP of the Socialist Party led by Edi Rama.

Although he protected the incinerators, Edi Rama ?sold? his associates, saying that ?the responsibility is individual?. On the other hand, an official often accused in the media in connection with this affair is the Secretary General of the Prime Minister, Engjëll Agaçi.

The latter is one of Edi Rama?s closest associates, since 2013. The person responsible for collecting the documentation and passing it on to the government meeting is the Secretary General of the Prime Minister. So for the 14 decisions and procedures passed in government within the day. Hundreds of millions of euros in contracts.

But in the meantime, other data have come to light, which cast doubt on another former MP. CNA.al published the day before the documents, which show that Gledion Rehovica, another former MP, who like Lefter Koka and Nasip Naço, left the SMI to the SP shortly before the 2021 parliamentary elections.

For this act he received large sums of money from the Tirana incinerator. The incinerator in Tirana paid Rahovica through renting his father?s property. The lease contract is dated February 17, 2020, while the lease relationship is considered to have started on October 1, 2019.

The contract had an initial duration of one year, with the right to renew. On the other hand, the concessionaire company of the Tirana incinerator continues to be paid regularly, even though we don?t yet have an incinerator. And this affair cannot be closed simply and only with Lefter Koka and Alqi Bllako. Other people seem to have taken their ?part?, and SPAK cannot remain silent./CNA.al


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