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A breathing for businesses and citizens/ Why fiscal amnesty should be approved

17 Prill 2022, 09:38, English CNA

Recently, Prime Minister Edi Rama has been articulating the need for a fiscal amnesty. An amnesty that would actually be a breathing for the business. One of the goals of why this initiative is being undertaken, in addition to informality, is its positive impact on the country?s economy.

With the fiscal amnesty, anyone who has money, people who may have worked in two or three shifts, etc., who may have unused amounts so far for fear of facing the law and due to fiscal obligations, may ?inject? in the economy.

Based on the experience of other countries, according to experts, fiscal amnesties of this nature introduce into the economy and finances of the country significant amounts of money, which by becoming legal and emerging from informality, can be invested in various forms in the country’s economy by becoming clean capital that formally affects the country’s economy.

Referring to the experience of other countries, such as Greece, Italy and many other countries, fiscal amnesties of this scale have always been associated with positive effects, especially during the medium term in the economy and development of a country.

Of course, as stated by the albanian government, excluding from this amnesty the money of the crime. So, money coming from criminal activities. The fiscal amnesty declared by Prime Minister Rama is a step taken by former Prime Minister Sali Berisha in 2011.

At the time, it was not approved for some political whims. The Socialist Party, at that time in opposition, for the sake of political whims, or simply to play the role of ?opposition? didn?t vote for that initiative. And precisely because of their political whims, the initiative was partially approved.

Now Edi Rama himself demands the same fiscal amnesty, proposed by the ruling democrats, in 2011. And today is the time for the current opposition to show that it is in favor of business, and in favor of breathing the economy.

Today they can and shouldn?t oppose, as a sign of revenge for the action of the socialists 11 years ago. Because a right-wing political force cannot be against an amnesty that serves business and that serves citizens. But at least the opposition today must agree to vote in

favor at least according to the 2011 version of the amnesty.

So what they themselves proposed at the time, and maybe go a step further. For business amnesty is a big breathing. Because many of the money they have used for tax evasion, or the payments they make in black will be declared in their registers./CNA.al

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