The last days of Gazment Bardhi

19 Prill 2022, 18:52, English CNA

For those who understand what is happening with politics and the opposition, specifically with the Democratic Party, are clearer after the recent media appearance of Gazment Bardhi, or his recent public stances. First, Gazment Bardhi is in the last days of his political approach. He will no longer be a politician, just a deputy, who will probably try to get a deputy mandate tomorrow, praying again to Lulzim Basha. But, coming out of the DP, it is unlikely that these two will get votes.

Even staying within the DP, Gazment Bardhi will never win in the primary within the party. The result of the elections of April 25, 2021, in Elbasan showed it. He caused a murder as the county political leader. He also received fewer votes than any other candidate in this district.

Now Bardhi opposes holding the DP Assembly on April 30. What is the reason? He wants to prolong the agony of the DP, and to continue to hold the post of General Secretary of the party, to keep the bodyguards, the car, the fuel, everything and every benefit that brings this post.

Although his contributions to the Democratic Party are zero. The only contribution that Bardhi has, is that Lulzim Basha made him a minister for several months, then as a ?suicide bomber? he became Secretary General of the DP, going so far as to be today one of the main figures of the Democratic Party disruption.

Gazment Bardhi knows that the Assembly on April 30 will elect the National Council, and the new governing structures. So he will no longer be the Secretary General, as no one votes for him. That is why Bardhi wants to stay in this post in one form or another, even attempting to disrupt the Democratic Party.

He and the surrounding people started this on September 9, 2021, except former Prime Minister Berisha. Democrats who support Berisha during the ?Rostrum? called them ?drunk, corrupt and stupid anti-americans?. They then shielded the Democratic Party headquarters, beat the democrats, called the police, and fired tear gas on them.

In the end, the headquarter returned to the democrats. The Re-establishment Commission has entered there. New elections are being held in every branch of the Democratic Party, which Gazment Bardhi doesn?t recognize, as he seeks to bring out hostile groups, opponents, intends to hold everything by force.

Why? Because he wants a bazaar for himself, for Lulzim Basha, and any other clown in the parliamentary group, who will receive the salary as an MP for a while, but who are no longer representatives of the Democratic Party.

And they can no longer be like that, as they cannot go to the DP base. The problem is not Sali Berisha, the Re-establishment Commission, nor the center. The problem is that they cannot go to meet the ordinary democrats, because no one trusts or listens to them.

Everyone knows what they have said, seen and valued as a bunch of incompetent people that neither the Democratic Party nor anyone else needs. They are simple and just losers, looking to stay a little longer to hold office. In fact, the April 30 Assembly will resolve any dilemma. The Democratic Party will have its own structures, and Gazment Bardhi will say goodbye to the posts and their benefits. The posts and benefits he has had as Secretary of the DP, without any political support in the Democratic Party, and never voted by democrats. But always appointed by Lulzim Basha. Gazment Bardhi?s time is over./CNA.al

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