Continuation of the Rama-Basha agreement?/ Rama’s minister takes hostage the Korça’s Democratic Party

27 Prill 2022, 15:36, English CNA
Continuation of the Rama-Basha agreement?/ Rama’s minister takes hostage

The Re-establishment Commission has already entered the Democratic Party headquarters, and in the meantime are also taking place the elections for the new chairmen of the DP branches. But in parallel with this evidence, on the ?stage? came out again the former leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha.

After leaving the leadership of the Democratic Party with shame, the latter seems to be trying to take advantage of what he can. And this is best shown by the case of Korça. One of the ?kamikaze? of Lulzim Basha, the one who supported in 8 years any political madness, who was at the headquarters of the Democratic Party on January 8 this year when the democrats were beaten, and when he was photographed with a stick in his hand, Ervin Salianji is already behaving like a ?principled man?, appearing in the elections for the new leader of the Democratic Party in Korça.

This leads to suspicions that Lulzim Basha is trying to hold hostage the Korça?s DP, with the aim of extending his agreement with Prime Minister Edi Rama. And to achieve his goal, he uses Ervin Salianji. The elections for the Democratic Party of Korça took place on Monday, and the winner si the ?kamikaze? of Edi Rama?s minister, Niko Peleshi.

He is Devis Osmani, who won with 527 votes, followed by his rival Ledina Aliolli with 281 votes. Osmani, the former secretary of the DP branch in Korça, has been one of the main supporters of Andrea Mano, Niko Peleshi?s partner in business and friend.

So, the two main candidates in the race for the leadership of the Korça?s DP, Devis Osmani and Ledina Aliolli, were supported by Lulzim Basha and Edi Rama?s minister, Niko Peleshi, who wants to take control of the opposition in Korça.

Peleshi is the winner in both cases. In case Ledina Aliolli would take the lead, Peleshi would have won by facing a weak candidate, who only competes, but never wins. And in the case of Osman, Peleshi will face his ?kamikaze?. But, Lulzim Basha was not satisfied only with the branch of DP in Korça.

A similar ?scenario? happened in Devoll, where the winner was announced Elvis Hajdërlli, a ?kamikaze? of Lulzim Basha MP, Bledion Nallbati. CNA.al, has previously reporter that the latter interfered in the electoral process, where according to sources it is learned that he received 200 membership cards from the headquarters to elect his man as chairman.

Elvis Hajdërlli, who was elected chairman of the Democratic Party in the Devoll branch through a falsified process, is a close friend of Bledion Nallbati. Hajdërlli has held key positions. Under a changed name, he worked as a customs officer at Kapshtica Customs. Also, during the time that his friend, today MP Bledion Nallbati has been mayor, Hajdërlli has held the post of director of Water Supply in Devoll.

So, it is clear that Socialist Party is trying to take control of the Democratic Party of Korça, while Lulzim Basha, even resigned, seems to be helping the socialists by not allowing the re-establishment and reunification of the democrats./CNA.al

Vijon marrëveshja Rama-Basha?/ Ministri merr peng PD-në e Korçës

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