Imposed resignations of executives in the education system/ Scandalous scenario for dismissals in public administration

21 Prill 2022, 15:44, English CNA
Imposed resignations of executives in the education system/ Scandalous scenario

In the education system in Albania, have begun mass layoffs. Thus, in recent weeks, have left of their duty all executives of education system at the national level. The script for their departure is similar to a movie script.

Since the meeting of the Assembly of the Socialist Party in September last year, and then with the presentation of the draft budget for education in November 2021, Prime Minister Edi Rama expressed his dissatisfaction, and announced dismissals in the administration, both in education and in other sectors.

Rama has started dismissals in the education system. To avoid political costs, as local elections are approaching, has been found a justification. A report has been drafted by the Anti-Corruption Unit in the Ministry of Justice.

The latter has requested disciplinary measures for the executives of education in the regions, and then came their removal, according to a scenario that we will discuss below. On March 16, 2022, at the table of the Minister of Education Evis Kushi, arrived the final report on the progress of work in the Directorate of Education in Fier.

The report states that the reason for the investigations of the Anti-Corruption Unit was the serious event, where a minor child lost his life in one of the private kindergartens in the city of Fier. The entire 10-page report presents the situation on educational institutions in Fier, while punitive measures have been proposed for all directors of education nationwide. Without going down to the field, without closely monitoring the situation in all districts, various disciplinary measures have been requested for all executives of education, taking as a pretext the non-licensing of private preschool and school institutions.

CNA.al learns that upon the arrival of this report in her office, the Minister of Education called all the directors of education, showing them the report and asked them to resign. With this act, they can not pursue legal avenues and appeal to the court.

If fired, they would win the lawsuit. Edi Rama would also have political costs. Such a report, drafted by the Anti-Corruption Unit in the Ministry of Justice, has been used to ?cut off the head? and come out clean of this well-prepared scenario.

In fact, the dismissals didn?t come from either Kushi or the Minister of Justice Ulsi Manja, who only signed a farce report. But from the Prime Minister Edi Rama himself, who is expected to continue dismissals in other sectors of the administration.

In the following articles, we will bring to light how the report was drafted without any inspection of the situation on the ground, and how was played the bluff with the licensing of private schools and kindergartens./CNA.al

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