The “Re-establishment” Assembly and the $ 1 million question

1 Maj 2022, 12:32, English CNA
The “Re-establishment” Assembly and the $ 1 million question

Yesterday was held The National Assembly of the Democratic Party. The media was very focused with the photo where former Prime Minister Sali Berisha stumbled when he was climbing the stage on an old blue carpet, which was used in all DP Assemblies, and someone didn?t care of putting a yellow ribbon on it.

Berisha got up, spoke, but what did he say? Basically what has been said before. A speech that seemed to have been written in 1996 or long ago, only adding to the harsh doses of attacks on Edi Rama, which he did even when in power was Fatos Nano.

So, there was nothing new in Berisha?s speech. What is the alternative to Edi Rama? What are the solutions? What is offered by DP? How will be overthrown Edi Rama, speaking again in the Rostrum, or with the return to the DP of Jozefina Topalli and Myslim Murrizi?

The speech of Arben Imami, who spoke about Marxism, was also surprising. Although a learned man, perhaps from a rational point of view, his speech was very weak. Belind Këlliçi spoke like a young boy who was exposed on the stage of the Palace of Congresses to say that there are young people who could be the future of the DP.

But who are the youth groups? What are their interests? Who are the people who will vote

for the DP and the ways that lead to these people? Why is the DP different now? Just because Enkelejd Alibeaj, Jorida Tabaku and Gazmend Bardhi left the party, and are accused of being misused by the American Embassy after declaring Berisha non grata?

Will the citizens vote for DP only because stumbled on the stage or because Këlliçi spoke very well? Albanians will not vote for the Democratic Party even for the grieving of Jozefina Topalli. Beyond the emotions and tears shown by Topalli, who in fact is not the only victim of Lulzim Basha, the DP Assembly seemed to be held a few weeks after the April 25, 2021 parliamentary elections.

We only missed Berisha?s kiss with the man who put 8 years in charge of the DP. Therefore, this was an Assembly of the re-establishment of the party, which didn?t bring anything new. He had high expectations. It is the latter that often disappoint when you see that an Assembly that was expected to be a pompous re-establishment of the DP, offers a disappointing political lodge.

It does not offer you the alternative, the way, the solutions, it doesn?t give you the strength and hope to have a real re-establishment of the PD, which could lead to the final overthrow of the government and the resurgence of the DP in power. Were or weren?t Lulzim Basha?s deputies in Saturday?s Assembly it doesn?t matter.

All of them together don?t have more votes than there is a group-section chairman in the most peripheral village of Albania. But beyond their position, today the DP is really divided into two camps. Despite the decision of the court, the camps have already been set up, but as someone had predicted, the Assemblies of Lulzim Basha were followed by a Re-establishment Assembly that didn?t change anything the actions that Basha did until yesterday.

In this Assembly were approved only a few statutory rules with the principle of free voting and nothing more. Now we have to wait for Berisha to be elected chairman and the Assembly of the Re-establishment to be called a great victory, when in fact the DP is not united, it is not re-established, and it doesn?t seem to inspire hope for the future of Albania, precisely because the people that Berisha sided with, or even the people who spoke in this Assembly.

Saturday?s Assembly did not have any major changes from the Rostrum. But there was not a single sign that someone in that party has really tried to open the party, to re-establish it and to return to a path, which the DP is already difficult to find, as it has not been able to find for decades.

The DP can grow, it can become bigger. The DP can also be an alternative. But without what we mentioned above, a real re-establishment Assembly, the DP will never be able to win the general election. Maybe this is the fate of Edi Rama.

The hall of the Palace of Congresses was electrified, but the DP lacked a leader. Berisha?s return closes a kind of emptiness. But someone anxious and someone else without emotion, should only ask one question. The $ 1 million question is:Will this configuration brings DP to power tomorrow, what are the roads, who inspires confidence in albanians and how? A long question, which was not answered in the Assembly on April 30./CNA.al

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