Edi Rama declares “war” on corruption with 200 Lek/ Is he amnestying the theft of millions of euros from incinerators?

28 Prill 2022, 16:06, English CNA
Edi Rama declares “war” on corruption with 200 Lek/ Is he amnestying

Prime Minister Edi Rama is continuing his propaganda with the so-called ?fight against corruption?. A day ago, in a press release, he said that starting from May 1, albanians will
no longer need to leave their homes as they will have online every service.

According to him, this puts an end to the era of bribery at the counters of public administration. So Prime Minister Edi Rama takes it seriously. He will ?fight? corruption with amount of 200 Lek, that according to him were given at the counters by citizens, to receive various services from administration employees.

But in the meantime he has apparently forgotten the millions of euros of incinerators. It is about 3 concession contracts worth 178 million euros, but in real figures it will cost albanian taxpayers over 600 million euros, which include senior officials of the albanian state.

In connection with this concession, described as the corrupt affair of the century, have already been arrested a former minister of the government ?Rama 1?, and a former deputy
of the Socialist Party. But everything doesn?t seem to start or end with Alqi Bllako and Lefter Koka.

The suspicions are that it all starts in the Prime Minister?s building, where 14 government decisions have been signed in one day. Prime Minister Edi Rama has tried to protect these concessions, justifying himself with the disappearance of the mountains with garbage.

So Rama tends to justify a mountain of money, for a mountain of garbage. Moreover, he has tried to ?wash his hands? of his personal responsibilities. Although in connection with this affair, Lefter Koka, former minister of his governing cabinet and Alqi Bllako, former deputy of the party, where Edi Rama is chairman, are already in handcuffs.

Rama tries to ?sell? incinerators as ?works of art?, which according to him have solved the problem of waste in Albania. But it doesn?t tell albanians how much is their bill. How much will they cost albanian taxpayers?

Therefore, if he really intends to declare war on corruption, Prime Minister Edi Rama must start with incinerators. The corruption scandal of incinerators cannot be amnestied. Those responsible must be brought to justice, even if they are in the building of the Prime Minister./CNA.al

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