Lulzim Basha continues bargaining with Edi Rama/ The scenario is revealed, how he is trying to hold hostage the opposition

4 Maj 2022, 12:59, English CNA
Lulzim Basha continues bargaining with Edi Rama/ The scenario is revealed, how

In almost 9 years that he led this party, the former chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, there have been many cases when have been revealed his bargains with Prime Minister Edi Rama.

The abandonment of the causes of the opposition, since the law on Higher Education, the protest against the demolition of the National Theater, the protest of the residents in the area of New Ring, the abandonment of the boys of Kukës, who protested against the payment for Nation Road etc., are some events that clearly show how ?oppositional? was Lulzim Basha.

On the other hand, we remember the betrayal of Lulzim Basha against the democrats in 2017. After lied to them, put them in a Tent for almost 3 months, and on May 17, 2017, made an agreement with Prime Minister Edi Rama, the details of which were never made public.

But ?accidentally?, Basha?s father-in-law received 16 million euros of the collapsed palace in Vlora, while the DP suffered catastrophic losses in the parliamentary elections. On the other hand, we recall here that a few months Lulzim Basha ago voted in favor of extending the terms of the vetting bodies, even though he himself publicly stated that ?SPAK has been captured by Edi Rama?, thus openly confirming his bargains with Rama.

But even though he publicly resigned from leading this political force after the embarrassing failure in the March 6 local elections, he doesn?t seem to have given up again from bargainings. Just one day before the holding of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party, unconfirmed sources informed CNA.al that Lulzim Basha met with Edi Rama in Vlora.

Meanwhile, the day before, another agreement was published in the media, between Prime Minister Edi Rama and the former leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha. Details of this agreement were revealed on Monday in the show ?Çim Peka Live? on Syri TV.

The main point is the change of the electoral system, from the regional proportional system to the national proportional one. Also, another point is that of the premium system with +10 deputies. The emerging political force first in the election, gets 10 more deputies.

According to this draft, the threshold for entering the Assembly for the political force is 3 percent and for the coalition 5 percent. As for the list of candidates, this draft agreement stipulates that the lists will be open, and the candidate who gets one more vote enters parliament. So the scenario is clear.

As warned by CNA.al, Lulzim Basha continues bargaining with Rama and seeks to hold him hostage and divide the opposition. Lulzim Basha sees the split of the opposition, as a hope for his existence in politics. Such a fact was confirmed in the National Assembly of the Democratic Party, which was held on Saturday.

The majority of the DP parliamentary group, deputies of the ?Basha?s list? didn?t participate in that Assembly. So, Lulzim Basha is using political means simply to divide the Democratic Party and keep a part of it for itself. On the one hand, he bargains with Edi Rama and on the other hand, he uses his ?servile? to divide the DP.

This is the only way that Lulzim Basha has found to continue his stay in politics, although in 9 years it was clear that the democrats don?t want or vote for him. But with the bargains with Edi Rama and the disruption of the opposition, he thinks he can somehow survive./CNA.al

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