The split of the Democratic Party, as a hope for the existence of Lulzim Basha in Albanian politics

3 Maj 2022, 12:10, English CNA
The split of the Democratic Party, as a hope for the existence of Lulzim Basha

A group of MPs, almost the majority of the parliamentary group, rejected a legitimate Democratic Party Assembly, held two days ago in Tirana. A National Assembly, which came after a massive referendum on December 11, 2021, and after many experiments that Lulzim Basha did on the Democratic Party.

From the siege of the headquarters with the police, the beating of the democratic militants and the throwing of tear gas on them, and until the local elections on March 6, which showed that Lulzim Basha is completely powerless and that no one votes for him.

Basha did everything he could to keep the headquarters and the DP. But he couldn?t, because the democrats were in the majority with Sali Berisha. The absence of the majority of deputies in the Assembly was considered by many analysts as a victory for Basha.

It was said that the deputies don?t like Berisha, that the Assembly was not legitimate, etc. In fact, the Assembly of April 30 was the end of what CNA.al has said very often: Lulzim Basha demands the division of the Democratic Party and the creation of a liberal party.

So he has done everything in the function of dividing the party. Basha was aware in advance that Berisha had been declared non-grata by US. As he was aware before the April 25 election, or was given information to the US until he reached to his exclusion from DP.

Not to mention the losses, where he had the support of Berisha, and all his scandals. Basha had a goal Everything he did was in function of his continuity in politics. He lost with shame on April 25, 2021, but didn?t resign. He resigned only after he ?fought? with the electoral body of the Democratic Party, with his party.

In the April 25 elections, he offered to albanians a list of candidates prepared by himself. So a list of loyal people, with anonymous names and who are not voted by democrats and albanians. Some of them that can be voted, because they have a positive media or political image. But the rest are mostly anonymous people, servile to Lulzim Basha, or people with purchased mandates.

Therefore, their absence in the DP Assembly shows nothing but a parliamentary group created by Lulzim Basha, for his personal purposes. Since he does not have a majority in the party and is a minority, he will leave the DP and create a new political force

Because the legitimate DP is inevitably linked to Sali Berisha and the Re-establishment. What happens if the court passes the headquarters to Lulzim Basha? What can happen is even more catastrophic. The DP will be divided even worse, because Lulzim Basha can not keep the logo of the Democrats by force.

At his side will remain 35 deputies and some others. But keeping the logo, the headquarters and the court decision, he claims that it should be Berisha and his people who will follow him. But this is not going to happen. Today we are facing the fact that most people in the DP are with Berisha.

They participated in two Assemblies, in a referendum, voted in the new elections, tried to take the seat and were beaten by Basha. Therefore, the panorama is very clearer. Basha demands a division for all that we said above, that tomorrow there will be a liberal party, perhaps, which can hope to get some deputy mandate.

While taking the PD logo by court decision, he will tend to have more mandates. In fact, all the movement that Basha makes, the absence of the deputies elected by him in the DP Assembly, and sabotage or interference, holding hostage the official website of the party on social networks, behaving as chairman even though he himself has publicly resigned, the appointment of Enkeled Alibeaj etc. show nothing else, except the fact that Lulzim Basha is using political and non-political means to divide the Democratic Party, keeping for himself a part of it.

And to use it in the next local elections to defeat the DP. To draw parallel candidates, who will cause losses to the DP in many municipalities. And to try to be a factor in politics, until the next parliamentary elections, moving towards a coalition with the DP, or of a coalition with other allies.

First, to help Edi Rama, to split the votes and secondly to try to be in an opposition coalition. But taking some pieces of power that may come tomorrow, and this only by standing as a faction or a political group that has divided the Democratic Party for the personal interests of Lulzim Basha. His corrupt interests and those of a close circle of people, who have completely failed in politics. And this proven for almost 9 years./CNA.al

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