The “hot” file in the hands of SPAK/ Who is amnestying Engjëll Agaçi?

2 Maj 2022, 14:42, English CNA
The “hot” file in the hands of SPAK/ Who is amnestying Engjëll

The incinerator concession, which started with a contract worth 22 million euros in Elbasan, in Fier with 28 million euros and recently in Tirana, with 128 million euros, is among the most accused in Albania.

So, it is about three concession contracts, with an initial value of 178 million euros, but that will cost many times more to albanian taxpayers. According to experts, this concession, which includes senior officials, is expected to cost albanian taxpayers over 600 million euros.

Beyond media denunciations or accusations from politics, this concession is already under investigation by the judiciary. After a SPAK investigation regarding two of the incinerators, that of Elbasan and Fier, we have already arrested two former officials.

It is about the former Minister of Environment, Lefter Koka and the former MP of the Socialist Party, Alqi Bllako. Meanwhile, it seems that in relation to the Tirana incinerator, which is the largest, with an initial contract of 128 million euros, SPAK is investigating with the turtle step.

But beyond that, another detail that stands out are the suspicions that the Secretary General of the Prime Minister, Engjëll Agaçi, is being amnestied, who is one of the people often accused in the media and politics in connection with this affair.

Decisions regarding this corruption concession have been taken in the Council of Ministers. And for those who know the law, the responsible person who collects the documentation and passes it on to the government meeting, is the Secretary General of the Prime Minister.

And this is Engjëll Agaçi. In the Council of Ministers, in December 2014, 14 decisions were signed within a day. Despite the illegal proceedings, repeated accusations by the opposition and the media for hundreds of millions of euros in contracts, it seems that so far justice has not taken any action against Agaçi.

SPAK is standing in silence. Why? Who is trying to amnesty the man trusted of Prime Minister Edi Rama? We recall here that in 2013, with the coming to power of the SP, Agaçi is the General Secretary of the Prime Minister.

And every decision that has passed in government meetings, has also passed into the hands of Engjëll Agaçi. Therefore, SPAK cannot close its eyes or ears. The documents and evidence are there. Everything cannot be closed only with Alqi Bllako and Lefter Koka./CNA.al

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