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The lightless tunnel of Olsian Çela

2024-04-25 11:18:00, Editorial Elvi FUNDO
The lightless tunnel of Olsian Çela
Erion Veliaj and Olsian Çela

Chief Prosecutor Olsian Çela was one of the people who received great support in public opinion. He was seen as a positive character, an honest man, with a platform that would reform the prosecution and make a name for himself with the new justice system. 

In fact, in 5 years at the head of the General Prosecutor's Office, he simply failed. It has failed by doing nothing and moreover has entered a tunnel that seems to have no light at the end. 

Not simply and only for the reforms, the work that a General Prosecutor should do, but also for his actions or inactions, since the famous file of Olsi Rama came into the political and media hands served by the Municipality of Tirana to the opposition.

From the long-night meetings of the chief prosecutor with the mayor Erion Veliaj, (with or without whiskey vapors) a very great friendship of the last months after the explosion of the "5D" file, a tunnel of darkness that leads the Prosecutor General, the man they had hope and everyone supported him, without light or somewhere he has chosen to go without reason. 

The lightless tunnel of Olsian Çela
Olsian Çela

Whether or not he took out Olsi Rama's file, if he did not investigate it, the responsibility is his. If he released the file, he entered politics. And in case he used certain lines of cooperation with the mayor Veliaj, giving guarantees to the latter to save him or the people close to him, it simply and only shows that he is a failure like many others in the process of Justice Reform in Albania.

Maybe he chose to become a 99-ç in politics. 

It is not a big surprise that even Olsian Çela is a failure, a disappointment, but he cannot go down a dead end, in a tunnel in the darkness of which politics, the thieves of the Municipality of Tirana, the mayor Veliaj, the people of politics, or even certain segments of criminal groups, which have interests in the General Prosecutor to channel their movements to the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana , where the deals are bigger and the files are closed more easily. 

The lightless tunnel of Olsian Çela
Olsian Çela

The dark tunnel of Olsian Çela seems long and without light at the end of what is happening, being read and heard. /CNA 


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