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Who is the spy in RTSH?/ The messages are revealed

2024-02-28 13:56:00, Denoncim CNA

Who is the spy in RTSH?/ The messages are revealed

CNA has started continuous denunciations regarding RTSH scandals and the way this institution operates, which is run by the Governing Council, whose chairman is Mr. Leka Bungo and General Director Alfred Peza.

Who is the spy in RTSH?/ The messages are revealed
Leka Bungo in the casino

We will continue to publish the complete balances, invoices, expenses for the 62nd RTSH Festival, which was made with an invoice of around 600 million ALL, where there are totally unjustified expenses in addition to abusive items.

We are also conducting an investigation into the payments related to the year-end concert where there are doubts that there are other beneficiaries who are within the RTSH institution or members of the Governing Council who were paid in a pure conflict of interest, but these belong to the following days.

Today, CNA will bring another material after this published message regarding the expenses for the 62nd Festival, for which through several official letters we addressed the director of RTSH, Mr. Alfred Peza, and the head of the Governing Council , to Mr. Leka Bungo, and we never received an answer, on the contrary, we received attacks and accusations.

We will continue to bring out the truth until the end, but since someone has been insulted or offended why in any article we have asked to open the former file and instead of giving us the authorization to open the file and accept that the files in Albania was not open, but chose to attack us, saying that it had been persecuted and had not been a spy.

We are now deciphering a message. A message from Leka Bungo, which is available from the CNA editorial office.

The message regarding his colleagues was related to the members of the RTSH Governing Council.

Regarding Ilir Keko, a personality in RTSH, or Genc Përmet, whom Leka Bungo says he introduced to the Council, Thoma Gëllçi, although these are people who were in the Council before Leka Bungo came, they have a contribution to artistic cultural life of the country, are personalities in their fields.

And then in his message, Leka Bungo attacks the director of Marketing, the Legal Department, the director of production, almost the entire structure of RTSH, because at that time Leka Bungo wanted to be the director of the institution, not to manage Thoma Gëllçi.

"The other names of the Gëllçi cell are: Ilir Keko and Genc Përmeti introduced to the Governing Council by Gëllçi and Marketing director Elton Kadisi, the director of the Legal Department, Sokol Gjoshi and the director of the Production Department, one of the reasons that is not easily shared the spirit from RTSH, Yllka Gjikopulli" (Message).   

Who is the spy in RTSH?/ The messages are revealed
Leka Bungo's message

This happened later with Enkelejd Joti, while now he has found peace and love with Alfred Peza.

CNA will bring other messages to say who is the spy in RTSH?

Can a chairman of the Administrative Council, who maintains himself as a great personality of public and artistic life, make such messages and spies, without talking about the meetings that CNA has provided with audio and whitewashed of the Council of led by Leka Bungo, who in fact, more than a public life personality, is the highest paid pensioner in Albania with a special pension tied by Edi Rama at the head of the RTSH Governing Council, someone says even for the sole merit that he is the father of Genta Bungo, who is also a vetting member. ( READ HERE )

Who is the spy in RTSH?/ The messages are revealed
Leak Bungo

These were given as reward bones to Leka Bungo without talking about these others that we will bring out day by day.

SMS which is also available from us in full. There are other materials, which if Mr. Bungo has forgotten, we are reminding him.

This is his opinion about the members of the Council, about the directors, but we also have exclusive messages and communications about other people, who think they are Leka Bungo's friends and his associates.

Even for Alfred Peza, from the beginning he called him a captain who should listen to the general. Understand, the general is the backbone major, as someone tells Leka Bungo in the corridors.

Who is the spy in RTSH?/ The messages are revealed

Day after day, the materials will be published until the full clarification and moral responsibility towards every individual in the RTSH Governing Council who abuses the funds, who violates the law and who has turned the public institution paid by the taxes of the Albanians into a personal harem where funds are mismanaged, where the law is violated and where Leka Bungo behaves like a spy, cursing, attacking and accusing colleagues./ CNA

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