Extortion with bad credit / Institutions that collect debts give loans to wash loans!

2024-02-27 22:59:15, Denoncim CNA

Extortion with bad credit / Institutions that collect debts give loans to wash

A remaining installment from a previous loan has multiplied, and she is even threatened with having her house seized. However, these institutions themselves continue to put this family in the "pit", as they add value with enforcement obligations and experts. And they give the total value of these new obligations a new loan, with very high percentages.

A lady from Vlora complained to the newsroom of the investigative show. She says that many years ago she received a loan of 1.5 million old ALL. She has not paid an installment, as she has a fully disabled husband. Then some employees of the financial institution Micro Credit Albania took it. Some say you still have 2 million left, once 3, then 4 million. The complainant says that she was unable to pay and two MCA employees went to her apartment and gave her a loan. So, loan to wash the loan!

The complainant claims that she did not have the opportunity again and did not know what these documents were. "I started paying, once between 50 and 100 thousand lek. I have the invoices and so far I have paid over 5 million old lek. I have all the bills. Now they tell me that we will take the house, I don't know who to turn to", says the informant.

After the complaint, the whistleblower and Fiks Fare associates go to the MCA offices and talk to the employees. Again they give several versions. The employee tells him that she pays several installments. "Yes, if you don't pay one installment, it will be added to the other and they will all become null. Your case has passed to Enforcement. There are executor costs, expert costs. They have increased in value and a new agreement has been made," says the employee. They tell him that he has to pay, as his house is seized.

Extortion with bad credit / Institutions that collect debts give loans to wash

After this meeting at the MCA offices, the whistleblower has a phone conversation with another employee. Chaos again, different figures. They invite him again to make an agreement. They quote him figures and agreements, and tell him several times that "you have to pay so and so". "We came to your apartment, you made an agreement" they say. The citizen replies that she currently has only 2 million old lek. "You have a lot, you need a lot of money..." they answer. But they never tell him that you got another loan.

The fix goes to the MCA offices and the employees claim that you need to make an information request. Fiksi asked MCA that, for the remaining debt, the lady was given another loan! In this response, Micro Credit replies that the loans were granted to it long ago, but not by them.

The next question was whether the family took a loan to repay the debt?! They answer that it is about restructuring or loan renewal. But, it turned out that by taking on debt, the family got into debt again for the umpteenth time. The MCA responds that the debt relationship is ongoing and a new agreement is signed.

Fiksi asks him how the loan was given in the apartment, even with a contract not before the notary. They answer that loans in small amounts are not signed in front of a notary. Regarding the loan calculations, which are increasing day by day, the MCA says that the lady has been informed.

A few days after Fiks Fare's interest, the complainant writes that she has made a new agreement with MCA. Unlike the first times, the MCA accepted the payment of 2 million old lek, which was paid by this family.

Extortion with bad credit / Institutions that collect debts give loans to wash

Fiction – There are these acts-agreements. They went to the house and told him to sign or we will take your house.

The employee – This is a deed-agreement, it is not a loan contract. I'll see it once. The lady has two acts-agreements. One for the obligation he had here with the contract and did not respect it and made a new agreement and is paying it in installments of 50 thousand ALL. There is also this other one that he is paying with 30 thousand lek.

Complainant - No, I am paying between 80 and 130 thousand ALL.

The employee - Yes, 80 for both.

Complainant - No, I'm paying 130 and I have all the receipts here.

The employee - Yes, but for all in total 130! For all the obligations you have. In agreement, this is the contract!

Complainant - And when I came for the agreement, I paid 500,000 ALL.

The employee - 130 thousand fixed lek, you have two deed-agreements of 50 thousand lek. Sorry, a 30 deed, a 50 and 50 contract. 130 in total!! The first is for a Micro Credit obligation. This is a contract, while the other is for a value left by P... A value of 1 million or so. At the moment we received a debt from x bank, we have as a rule that for a part we make a regular contract, which is this here, genuine. For one part, it was left suspended, which is 1 million, to be paid in a second moment.

Fiction – How much is the liability from P...?

Employee – I only have this left now. They have been discussed much earlier since the contracts were made. Today we have a contract with Micro Credit, I start from this. I don't start from what he left then.

Fiction - From that installment (which he left unpaid), agents have appeared at his home. And they told him that you have to sign this contract in 2021 (new loan contract). Otherwise, your house will be taken away. And they made him sign.

The employee - 1 million, yes, it is the residual value. 1 million old lek.

Fiksi - What if he paid 5 million lek, he has all of them with receipts.

The employee - Yes, it is a contract, a contract for this in installments! That 1 million has been suspended. This is for the installment contract. Because the obligation was divided into 2 parts! The obligation was divided into two parts. Part of this is by contract, part of it was an agreement.

Extortion with bad credit / Institutions that collect debts give loans to wash

Fix – 2 million and 1 million is 3 million. The lady has paid 5 million so far.

The employee - This obligation has been followed by penalties.

Fiction – Okay, so far it has paid 5 million. Meanwhile, they are now asking for 5 million or so. This number you get on the phone. He also paid 500,000 lek for the contract at the beginning.

The employee - She was prepaid! These executive obligations have not gone, ladies

Fiction - How much are these enforcement procedures?

The employee - These enforcement fees have not been processed. Then the reason why this value has gone, madam, is that the case is being enforced and the enforcement procedures have been developed. Assets have also been blocked. Even for each property, the evaluation was done by an expert. Yes, the expert requires a fee and all enforcement costs according to the law are charged to the debtor party, which in this case is the lady.

Fix - How much is the penalty?

Employee – 2% on a daily basis of the total value of the installments. In addition, since it has gone into execution, despite paying you even 1 day late. And if you pay, these enforcement fees have also been added. That's why I told you to close if possible. Ok, ok that's the value; 5 million and 170 thousand lek because 3 auctions were held for the assets of the lady.

Complainant - Do I still have to pay another 5 million 200 thousand?

The employee - Yes, another 5 million... If you had closed it, if you had come in August, these values ??would not have been added. If you don't pay, enforcement seizes your house and everything.

Fiction – I wanted to know the value the lady left and Micro Credit bought that bad loan at P….

Employee – I can't see it here. The documents are in the archive. Even if I see it, you will not solve anything because everything refers to the contract with MCA. As long as the contract passes to us, these conditions will automatically be the conditions of that contract and not that of P....

Fiksi - Moj te P... has repaid the loan, but has left the last installment.

The employee - She may have left, but how far has she gone! If I don't have it here as it was, they are internal contracts. On the one hand the lady pays and on the other hand the penalties go. Because he should have come earlier, he should have answered the phone. If you pay 3 installments, I keep 1 installment the same. Say that you haven't paid because the penalty is too high. So he should have been interested earlier./ tch

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