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"Do you q*j ro*t!"/ The tenant policeman threatens the land owners, UKS and OSHEE take the situation to absurdity

2024-02-20 21:44:00, Denoncim CNA

"Do you q*j ro*t!"/ The tenant policeman threatens the land owners,

The Saliko family from Ksamil leased the property to policeman Arben Hasanbegasi. In the contract signed in the name of his wife, it was stated that the property could not be rented to third parties. The Saliko family noticed that this point was not respected and denounced it on the show "Stop" on TV Klan. The girls were threatened by Arben Hasanbegasi and his son through acquaintances used by the police to put pressure on them.

Arben Hasanbegaj: Take out...! Come to the bar, brother! Okay, I'm sending the patrol bro…!

Owner Saliko: Did you call the police? Are you threatening me?

Arben Hasanbegaj's son: Good, good! I love you!

Owner Saliko: You idiot speak well...!

Arben Hasanbegaj's son: I love you, I love you! Remember! Record it!

The Salikos faced successive denunciations only for demanding the implementation of the contract they had signed. These denunciations ended up in the prosecutor's office, unlike Salikova's, which disappeared from the police.

Policeman Saranda: You will come with me to the police station!

Complainant: Why...?!

Policeman Saranda: I will tell you there at the police station...!

Complainant: Give me a letter, why...!

Policeman Saranda: Leave my paper! Do you want a letter..! I tell you to come with me! I will bring it by letter.

Reporter: Where is your letter, sir? How can you take us like this?!

Policeman Saranda: What letter...? He was caught committing a crime. That's it! He is being escorted to the police station...

Complainant: Where did he commit the crime? Damaged property… Is it my property?

Policeman Saranda: We will clarify it there. That's why I'm coming, to clarify...

Reporter: Ok!

On the other hand, Ujjejellesi Sarande and OSHEE Sarande, without any ownership documents, passed the hours of water and lights in Mirela's name, taking this story to the limits of absurdity.

Complainant: Are you responsible?

Head of UKS, Kostaq Papa: Yes.

Reporter: What is your name?

Head of UKS, Kostaq Papa: Kostaq Papa!

Reporter: Ok! Since you are responsible, send me an answer by letter and that's it! What's wrong with you?

UKS manager, Kostaq Papa: Listen, I've heard about your problem! This is not how these problems are solved. Persist in vain sometimes. Do whatever you want! I will get back to you! Inshalla find a solution...!

Whistleblower: Everyone says "my mother after all"...Agreed! We will see who will keep that job. It is kept by the one who deserves it, not by the one who does an illegal thing. OK..

The head of the UKS, Kostaq Papa: These kinds of pressures, continue on your own then...!

Complainant: Yes, my uncle is asking for a water line to the house and they are not giving it to him, just because he is not the owner. The line is opened to this other person only with a lease contract... he asked to open a water line to the bar, why was he refused? Because it is not the owner?

Head of UKS, Kostaq Papa: Yes!

The whistleblower: Well done! Then, how can she be allowed to put a water line in our house?!/tvklan.al

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