Boci's denunciation: The IT expert is threatened

2024-02-11 14:05:00, Denoncim CNA
Boci's denunciation: The IT expert is threatened
The vice-president of the Democratic Party, Luciano Boçi

The vice president of the DP, Luciano Boçi, denounced the IT expert's threat this Sunday.

In a press statement, Boçi said that the GP expert received a threatening e-mail about his son.

"GP, the IT expert, who has denounced dozens of scandals of ANA and other departments of the Rama government, has threatened his son's life.

In an email sent to his address, it is explicitly stated: "keep talking and you will find your son's corpse!", he said.

The DP vice president strongly condemned the IT expert's threat and called on the law enforcement agencies to immediately start investigations and find the authors of the email.

He claimed that the cause of the threat is the denunciations that the expert made about AKSHI./ CNA

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