The roof gutters drain into the neighbor's yard, IMT without tools/ Complainant: I was left like a fish without water for a chainsaw

2024-02-09 21:27:00, Denoncim CNA

The roof gutters drain into the neighbor's yard, IMT without tools/

The investigative show "Stop" on TV Klan went to district no. 1 in Kavaja with citizen Ervis Kaloti. He says that in 2018 he bought a property of 264 m2 land and 91 m2 building, which he turned into a car service.

But the conflicts started with the neighbor Bajram Seferi, since the latter enters 45 cm into the property with a roof that drains from the gutters and creates moisture on the wall. Ervisi says that after not getting along with the neighbor, he is interested in the municipality and IMT demands that within 5 days, Bajrami himself destroys the interference in the other's property, but he does not do it.

Then the IMT comes out with a demolition decision, but since 2021, this decision has not been executed as this institution claims that it has no means. Ervisi says that 3 chief inspectors have been changed, but none of them have implemented the demolition decision.

Complainant: In 2018, I bought a property in neighborhood No. 1 with a regular ownership certificate. The property is 264 meters of land and 91 meters of building that I now use for car service. This property is bordered by Bajram Seferi, who has encroached on my property with the exit of 2 rows of tiles and gutters. It's about this wall here. This is mine, it has been kept at a distance and the neighbor's gutters come out on my property, on the yard and therefore, this moisture is caused that is here on the wall that I have. All the gutters when it rains fall on my property and that is the problem here.

At first, I went to Bajram Seferi, to whom I addressed the problem I have, and he told me that I have a construction permit. Then, I went to the Municipality of Kavaja, they verified and it turned out that the permit is in violation, which has damaged my property. I went to the IMT, I informed them in 2020. At that time, Sulejman Merkja was the chief inspector. They came with a report when they found that Bajram Seferi is in violation of the law and the permit he had received. At first they gave him a deadline to demolish it himself for voluntary demolition. Then, they came, they kept a record, a demolition decision along with a fine.

The problem is that they did not execute the demolition decision. From 2020, inspectors Ylber Nurçja have been changed, now at the moment it is Met Reçi. The problem is that they say we don't have demolition tools. I also filed a complaint with IKMT Tirana. They told me that we do not have the authority to come and destroy this thing that they have decided.

A chainsaw is needed. I told him that I will find the electric saw, together with the workers, you only do the papers. Then, they said that we don't have specialists. Now I'm stuck like a fish out of water for a miter saw to remove these 2 rows of tiles. Here the saw is left in the nail, it does not work.

"Stop" communicated with inspector Fabiol Osmani, who promised a solution and a few days later, the demolition was executed.

Fabiol Osmani: We did the verification on the ground and we did the procedures required by the law for illegal construction or violation of the permit issued by the Municipality of Kavajë. We ascertained the violations of the works during the construction, for which Kalotin violated and we took all the appropriate measures, minutes, fine decision and demolition decision and at the same time we sent a notice for voluntary demolition of Bajram Seferi. He did not commit it. We exchanged letters. It is considered problematic, but we, in the absence of funds, have asked for support from the Directorate of Services for Means, as well as from IKMT, we have asked for support several times. Since we are equipped with new tools, the execution will be carried out on Friday.

Whistleblower: This case was solved very quickly thanks to you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, "Stopin" and everyone, I also thank the municipality and in the end it was resolved thanks to you. The nail was finally stuck!/tvklan.al

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