DRAP Lezhë, a nursery of illegality, the officials as in their manor

2024-02-08 22:06:00, Denoncim CNA

DRAP Lezhë, a nursery of illegality, the officials as in their manor

On December 16, 2023, the Shkodër first instance court found Bardhok Pulaj, former director of DRAP, school director in Gjadër-Lezhë, guilty of the criminal offense of "abuse of duty". But Pulaj continues his work as a school principal.

The show "Stop" on TV Klan was interested in DRAP, where it learned that they are not aware of this decision, which they will implement by suspending Bardhok Pulaj.

Journalist: You have no knowledge of the judicial process?

Lawyer DRAP Lezhë: We have no knowledge and we are not a party either. DRAP is not a party.

Journalist: In the conditions when we inform you that there is a court decision for this manager, should we have a suspension?

Lawyer DRAP Lezhë: Then, if in the institution, at the protocol office, I'm talking about, it comes from the court or a citizen, definitely, the DRAP must continue with what legislation is in force.

Journalist: What does it predict in these cases?

Lawyer DRAP Lezhë: Law 69 has been amended, there is a decision of this nature and an insurance measure has been taken, followed by the suspension of the financial relations of this citizen and the office until a final decision is taken by the court.

But the violations in DRAP Lezhë do not end there. In human resources there is still Pashk Alia with a degree in Agrarian Economics. The principal Blediana Nika, of the "Jordan Misja" school in Shkodër, was taken from the streets and became a principal. Another violation is the 115-point scoring system, when the maximum score would be 50.

The program "Stop" went to DRAP Lezhë to meet the leader Hasan Muça, but managed to contact him only through his mobile phone.

Hasan Muça, director DRAP Lezhë: Hello! Good! How was your time? Now I am in Kukës, because I have the analysis.

Journalist: When we can make an appointment, let me come and have the honor to meet closely.

Hasan Muça, director DRAP Lezhë: Please, my sister, based on the Law on Information, make a request to me and I am obliged to give you an answer within the time limits.

Journalist: Just as you are obliged to wait for me in a meeting.

Hasan Muça, director of DRAP Lezhë: Please make the request to me, according to the law on the right to information, and I will give you an answer!

Reporter: Director, you are obliged to wait for me in a meeting that I am looking for.

Hasan Muça, director DRAP Lezhë: Honorable! Ask me and I will answer you!

Journalist: No, I don't want to make a request, I want a meeting with you!

Hasan Muça, director DRAP Lezhë: Please, make the request!

Journalist: I'm not making a request, I want a meeting.

Hasan Muça, director DRAP Lezhë: Domenike! Now I'm getting into the meeting!

Journalist: Good meeting!

Hasan Muça, director of DRAP Lezhë: Hello, ask me please, I will answer!

Journalist: No, there is no request.

Ndriçim Mehmeti, an expert on education issues, considers the violations in DRAP Lezhë to be unprecedented and deeply illegal, and calls on the HCSC to inspect this institution.

Ndriçim Mehmeti: In a word, it is called deep illegality, unprecedented and incomparable to the cases you have... For the first time, a school director not with a decision of the first instance, but if the investigations had started, he will be suspended, to seek self-suspension. Second, a school leader is hired who has no experience in education while on the one hand it is trumpeted that we will get the best, now meritocracy rules, they themselves decided the school of principals, they themselves set some criteria for becoming a principal and violated them with foot. There are no points. The points are 50. There are no 115. There are also strong criticisms and there are strong doubts about some other sources, so now there is nothing left but to go there to the Supreme State Control because the Ministry of Education knows, and other institutions, and dot the "i"./tvklan.al

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