"He told her to be a bitch"/ The parent denounces him for bullying the child, the teacher turns to him: Why did I pull out the gun?

2024-02-07 22:06:00, Denoncim CNA

"He told her to be a bitch"/ The parent denounces him for bullying the

Regarding the case of the verbal and physical conflict between the teachers at the "Memo Meto" school in Kuc, Vlora, broadcast by the investigative show "Stop" on TV Klan, it was the parent of a student who showed the reason for the argument with teacher Irma by said that even psychology had knowledge.

Parent: Of course, he found out. And if she didn't get it from us, she found out when the psychologist came to the school and asked about the children who were not included in the lesson. That the first psychologist told me, if you ask questions, - she said, - do the children express themselves? Yes, - I told him, - express themselves, I told him. And this friend for that job came the next day. For this child, my son became obsessed with being bullied by the teacher. For this part, it was present when I said, the teacher accepted without any problem in the eyes of the parent that I did not curse your son, but I cursed this other one.

Teacher: Because he saw the debate, didn't he? (For the psychologist)

Parent: Yes, because the argument continued in the office.

Meanwhile, the psychologist denied any knowledge in a communication he had with the "Stop" journalist.

Journalist: Were you present in the debates that teacher Irma had with the parents of that school.

Psychology: No, no! I was not present in any debate.

Journalist: Not even with children, who didn't want to go to school?

Psychology: No, no, no! There were other psychologists. There was a working group, which was sent by ZVA and those psychologists were present for this case.

Journalist: I understand, but you didn't know about the debates they had between them...

Psychology: Debate between parents, I don't know.

Journalist: Did the parents have any complaints against teacher Irma?

Psychology: No, we have not received any complaints.

Recording from a meeting where the parent complains that teacher Irma bullied the child and the latter admits it:

The teacher to the parent: Did your child attack you?

Parent: Yes, I was attacked.

Teacher: From whom?

Parent: By Irma. He has been called a brat, he has been called a bully, he has been told that he beats up schoolchildren.

Teacher Irma: Why my, I took out the gun?! You are right.

Parent: Of course I'm right.

On the other hand, from the side of ZVA Vlorë Himarë, "Stop" is told that from the psycho-social assessment by psychology and the AD HOC commission, teacher Irma Yzeiraj, has achieved sufficient results to continue the employment relationship.

Alma Lama, President of the Tirana teachers' union, expressed her outrage at the appointment made for the teacher, after the shocking footage was broadcast on the "Stop" show. She says that there have been such cases in Tirana as well, but the ZVA of the capital has acted carefully.

Alma Lama: The footage that you broadcast was shocking and such ethical behavior that was seen on the show, to be honest, shames all of us teachers. We should not have in our education system teachers with the performance we saw in the media. It worries me that a teacher like Irma is appointed and teaches in our educational institutions. We have had cases in Tirana and in fact ZVA Tirana has acted very carefully and has not allowed the situation to worsen, even worse the situation that the teacher is appointed in that school. That educational figure in that school is very vulnerable, they should not appoint him in that school, only if Vlora does not have an English teacher and we are left in the hands of Irma, then an appointment could be made, any other case is unforgivable./ tvklan.al

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