Document - Baton Haxhiu, "doctor" of fertilizer marketing

2024-02-08 11:35:00, Denoncim CNA


Document - Baton Haxhiu, "doctor" of fertilizer marketing
Baton Haxhiu

In a television appearance, in the "Opinion" show of the journalist Blendi Fevziu, a character known as "doctor" Batoni of hospitals lost his temper and publicly threatened a former deputy, the former candidate for mayor of Tirana, simply and only said some truth in the eyes.

After leaving the "doctor" of the hospital, Batoni "filled his mouth" with the garbage that came from the payments of the incinerator companies.

Document - Baton Haxhiu, "doctor" of fertilizer marketing
The document showing that Baton Haxhiu works in a private hospital

Speaking to the media, Batoni, as part of the "criminal media group" paid by the incinerators, instead of apologizing for filling his pockets with the taxes of poor Albanians, stormed out with threats simply because they told him that he is a " mercenary” paid by the incinerators.

Garbage for a long time stopped Baton from denouncing the incinerator affair, and for this he was systematically paid about 36 thousand dollars.

The trash "doctor", Baton Haxhiu, said on the show that he had done business with his portal, with a marketing agency, again publicly lying to Albanians.

First, he lied saying he only received 4 bills and some were unpaid.

Second, he lied about the total number of bills, as there are neither 4 nor 6, but a full 8 bills worth $4,450 per month.

Third, the total amount is not a low figure, but $36,000 paid during the 2021 campaign to a then-anonymous portal like Baton's.

Fourth, he lied when he said he had a contract with a marketing company, as the contract is under his stamp.

Fifth, Batoni threatened Belind Kelliçi and shook him on the spot , but he should have told how his friends distributed the money of the incinerators at the tables where wine was drunk, 1 thousand euros a bottle, and Batoni cackled telling his stories and the advice that Rama listened to him. .

CNA brings the document that shows that there are 8 payments for Baton Haxhiu, who is immersed in the garbage of the incinerators.

Document - Baton Haxhiu, "doctor" of fertilizer marketing
Payments for Baton Haxhiu from incinerators

The total amount is twice the salary that Batoni received as a "doctor" in the private hospital. It has turned out better with the fertilizers, it has received twice as much.

Batoni can sing like a coconut on top of the garbage, after having buried his head among the garbage, this is a new fashion in the media.

The document that we are bringing exclusively shows why Baton Haxhiu is silent about the incinerators, why he publicly deceives Albanians, why he threatens "live" in a television studio about the money given by Mirel Mërtiri, by Klodian Zoto and their fellow politicians, most of them who are still on duty and listen to Baton's cackling on top of the garbage whose mouth is full of 36 thousand dollars paid by the Tirana incinerator.

When the pay slips came out, they recognized Baton as a "doctor", now we know him as a "garbage man" and their servant./ CNA

Baton Haxhi's contract with Tirana's incinerator

Document - Baton Haxhiu, "doctor" of fertilizer marketing

Document - Baton Haxhiu, "doctor" of fertilizer marketing

Document - Baton Haxhiu, "doctor" of fertilizer marketing

Document - Baton Haxhiu, "doctor" of fertilizer marketing

Document - Baton Haxhiu, "doctor" of fertilizer marketing

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