Stop/ He was operated on in the maternity hospital, the doctor forgets to record the report

2024-02-14 21:35:00, Denoncim CNA

Stop/ He was operated on in the maternity hospital, the doctor forgets to record

The next complaint comes from the "Queen Geraldine" maternity hospital. The whistleblower, who wants to remain anonymous, says that on November 24 she was admitted to the "Queen Geraldine" maternity hospital, where she also had an intervention on December 1.

On December 4, the lady left the hospital, but doctor Julian Habibaj did not show up to record the report, as he was in Italy. The lady was told that his colleague, Alma Tamza, would deal with her report. After 3 months, the lady has not been able to receive the report that belongs to her.

Lady: Hello, I am a lady from Tirana. On November 24, I was admitted to the maternity ward; I had an operation on December 1; on the 4th I left the hospital, I waited for the doctor to come, he did not come to discharge me. At those moments, a girl comes, fills out my card, gives me a letter, gives me the medicines to be taken and leaves. The moment he left, I asked him: "What about the report I need for work, how are we going to do it?" "I will pass it", he said, "in the system directly, without worry". When a few days passed, they fired me: "Take a little interest in the report because you don't have it." I call doctor Julian Habibaj and tell him: "Here, here I performed the operation. I went out, when I went out you were not there".

Journalist: Why where was the doctor?

Lady: He tells me that "I am in Italy, I performed an operation on myself and I was not there when you came out. It's true, I haven't seen you again." "Okay", I told him, "but how are we going to act now that I need a report at work, that they are urgently looking for me". "I will pass it on", he said, "to another doctor, Alma Tamza". I took the doctor on the first day, she knew the problem. "Okay", he said, "not today because today I have a patient, remind me tomorrow". I took it again the next day, it says: "Wait, I haven't found the card". I received it the next day: "I found the card, but the system is not accepting it". The fourth day I received it, it has not opened at all.

The journalist of "Stop" communicates with the doctor Julian Habibaj, who says that he was in Italy for health reasons. But he promised to solve the whistleblower's report, throwing it into the system. In this way, the interested lady appears with the medical report./ tvklan

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