"We don't have it in our hands..."/ The patient is not treated at the QSUT, the equipment is not put into operation

2024-02-12 21:24:00, Denoncim CNA

"We don't have it in our hands..."/ The patient is not treated at

In this part of the show, "Stop" brought the story of a desperate patient who has no money left to cure his illness.

He spent what he had saved on therapies in private hospitals. The citizen has spots on his lower limbs, as he was affected by Kaposi's sarcoma.

If left untreated, the spots will spread throughout his body and his health will be at risk.

The whistleblower says that he has gone to the QSUT several times, but they tell him that the apparatus for his problem is ready, but they are not putting it into operation.

"I was diagnosed with an illness 1 and a half years ago. After the visits and examinations I did, it was established that it was a disease that is part of skin tumor diseases. After I did all the examinations, the biopsy and all that, they recommended that I open a card at the oncology hospital in February. In conclusion, I consulted with the committee and they recommended that I be treated with radio therapy.

They tell me that our equipment is broken and we are dealing with this matter. New appliances have arrived and the room there would be repaired. How will it be done? I said that in fact I was very irritated. He recommends me that only they will hear that they have equipment. The financial side was initially paid 3 million Lek, that's all there is to it, I had a session in February, March, two sessions there and I couldn't continue anymore.

This disease damages blood vessels. It first appears in the lower extremities, it is an autoimmune disease. The only treatment options not to go to chemotherapy, they recommended that they give radiotherapy, they bombard it with radiation. A few days ago I went there to put my hands on my head. Half was done. I meet the head of radiology, he tells me that I went to the ministry and I made a problem, and in all the management of these hospitals, there are 5 national hospitals all here, with this organization that the ministry has made, which manages them all from the center there. I asked for a meeting with the director, but I could not meet her. In this situation, I said to turn to you", said the informant.

But what is said to this patient when he is interested in this issue when he goes there?

Medical staff:  Address the directorate, not me!

Medical staff:  Yes, because the directorate has...

Patient: I was told that you are the boss. I had my hopes in you.

Medical staff:  I told you, it's not up to us, from the beginning.

"Granddaughter":  Yes, it's been all this time, that the grandfather has been continuing, he has continued the private treatment. He can't handle them anymore.

Medical staff:  I want, let's decide today, dear, but it's not from me.

"Granddaughter":  But why hasn't it been decided?

Medical staff:  Yes, look for it in the directory, dear! There are some things that are beyond our control. We have the patient who comes, we see him, we visit him, we do the tests. If we dealt with everything, we would have fixed Albania as well, not only orthovoltage, this apparatus.

Patient: The appliances have arrived, haven't they? Have the appliances arrived?

Medical staff:  The equipment, yes, has arrived.

The director of QSUT, Albana Fico, says that the new orthovoltage has arrived, but the bunker is being prepared for the treatment to begin. According to the director, this problem will be closed in February. 

Albana Fico, dr. QSUT: The new orthovoltage has arrived. The bunker is being prepared for treatment to begin. These are not organized by Albanian engineers.

Reporter: All of this seems to be very fine in theory.

Journalist: You must take into account the serious concern for the life of a patient, who above all cannot pay the private.

Albana Fico: Look! I believe that a doctor is many times more worried than a journalist. I think that with the dates that they have given us, this thing closes within February. The patient, who has certain problems, is requested to come to the service.

Journalist: Yes, he has appeared.

Albana Fico: What about now, do you have word of mouth? I don't have a name. The patient's name and I will follow up personally! I don't have a name.

Journalist: No, I have no words because speaking with the honorable investigative journalist. I don't want you to investigate, I want you to elect a director. The citizen does not understand this, he wants the service. When will the director be put into operation because we have the life of a person, a citizen, at risk.

Albana Fico: The name of the patient and I will follow him personally! Now, the patient's name and I will personally follow up! More than that...But when I say that I will follow it personally, I will follow it personally, because for me as a doctor, every patient is my person.

"Stop" has learned that QSUT has signed a contract with an operator for the reconstruction of new facilities for orthovoltage on October 26, 2023, and it was expected that the works would be completed in 6 weeks, but this did not happen. 

In Albania, 6,000 new cases of tumor diseases, including those of the skin, are counted every year.

KLSH in a 2023 report carried out at QSUT stated that "After the old device stopped functioning on November 2, 2022, 200 patients who are affected by skin tumors did not receive the radiotherapy service".

KLSH has directly blamed the QSUT directorate for not finding the conditions for not finding the conditions for the installation of the new apparatus. On the other hand, KLSH in conclusion states that the lack of the necessary infrastructure of the hospital building has a negative impact on the quality of patient service, reducing confidence in a decent and clean hospital service, showing that the oncology hospital service is not fully effective for treatment of tumor diseases for the period under audit./tvklan

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