"This brings it all out"/ The citizen denounces the fraudulent doctor who 'diagnosed' with headphones

2024-02-13 21:34:38, Denoncim CNA

"This brings it all out"/ The citizen denounces the fraudulent doctor

A citizen who appeared on the show "Stop" on TV Klan says that he was diagnosed outside of Albania with muscular dystrophy type 2. He says that he had a negative experience with the private clinic "Noah Clinic" where he paid 100 thousand old lek for the service of a bio-resonance apparatus that promised diagnosis of all diseases in the body, but which turned out to be a fraud. According to the citizen, the doctor Kastriot Mëlyshi with his device could only find his horoscope, but not his health problems.

Citizen: My complaint is about a clinic in Tirana that only diagnoses through headphones, it's called bio-resonance and Dr. Kastriot Mëlyshi, and the clinic is called "Noah Clinic" in Tirana. Now I was diagnosed with a genetic disease 3 years ago, muscular dystrophy type 2. I came to do it and in Tirana what would this apparatus that this doctor had bring me out. In conclusion, he didn't take out anything from what I had, but took out only what he wanted, the horoscope. I think it's a horoscope guy who told me, that it's not something serious. He put the headphones in his ears and said by means of rays, magnetic waves, I know what he called them, that he diagnosed the whole body and took out all the diseases you had.

Journalist: Which also meant genetic diseases?

Citizen: I said to him do you take everything out? I asked him on the phone earlier, they told me that he takes out everything. In the end, nothing came out.

Reporter: How much was the payment you made?

Citizen: 100 thousand old lek. For me it is a scam and I ask that it does not scam other people because there are people who wholeheartedly believe in this device.

To understand what muscular dystrophy is, "Stop" asked neurologist Altin Kuqo, who explained that this disease has a genetic origin and affects the muscles of the whole body, affecting movement and contraction. As other effects, it affects vision, diabetes, etc. The diagnosis is determined clinically and not by apparatus.

"Stop" tried how this clinic and this apparatus works and again the same experience as the reporting citizen. On the wall of the clinic hangs the license issued on January 27, 2023 in the name of Erjon Muka, which provides primary medical, hospital and dental services. On the other hand, the bio-resonance device is used by doctor Kastriot Mëlyshi, licensed as a cardiologist.

Citizen: Now I have muscle pain. I'm feeling pain, yes, in my back here, I don't know how to explain it. I have it even when I'm walking. Even when I rest. I made visits.

Citizen: They didn't take anything out of me. I said I was trying this bio-resonance once, because I saw it on your site.

Kastriot Mëlyshi: This gets you out. It brings you out pretty much.

Citizen: Now for the cost part, when it comes to health, everyone takes some things into account. I want to know, can you take it out?

Kastriot Mëlyshi: Yes! I will also tell the price that there is nothing. It is 100 thousand old lek.

Citizen: How is the device licensed? And all this?

Citizen: Ok! I did the visits, the tests and they didn't reveal anything. I feel pain, she says you are fine.

Kastriot Mëlyshi: Yes, well, because when he doesn't take the analysis, he says so. He tells you that there is nothing in the analysis you have done.

We are told by the National Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices that "Noah Clinic" does not have a registration certificate for bio-resonance, which complicates the situation, since it does not even have a special permit from the Radiation Protection Commission in the Ministry of the Interior./ tvclan

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