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He "holds" his father's death certificate hostage/ Uncle: I don't give it to my grandson, we have a disagreement

2024-02-14 21:24:14, Denoncim CNA

He "holds" his father's death certificate hostage/ Uncle: I

We are in the Kushtrimi neighborhood, in Vlora, for the denunciation of Mr. Klajdi Shaipi, who tells us that his father passed away on November 11, 2023. Since then, Klajdi has not been able to deregister his deceased father, since the death certificate together with other documents and certificates of ownership were stolen by his uncle.

The latter neither gives them to the son nor goes to deregister his brother. This conflict was also taken to the police, where the uncle admitted that he received the death certificate and refused to give it to his nephew.

Klajdi Shaipi: When my father died, they called us. We came to Greece, uncle had come earlier. When we arrived, the uncle had taken those letters, put them upstairs, where my father lived on the third floor, and took them to us. When we asked, he said he had not received them. Having done them, he took some things from home; he stole an aluminum door, he stole the pump, the brandy, he was not ashamed of his brother.

Journalist: When you say letters, what letters specifically did he receive?

Klajdi Shaipi: The land papers, the papers of the house we live here, the deregistration papers...

Journalist: Death card?

Klajdi Shaipi: He took that too, he took everything.

Journalist: How do you know he got all this?

Klajdi Shaipi: The one who took the letters declared to the police.

Journalist: Did you file a complaint?

Klydi Shaipi:  Yes.

Journalist: And what does he say at the moment, after he admitted it to the police, what does he say?

Klajdi Shaipi: That he doesn't trust me to leave the papers. I will leave them in the state, that's what he said.

In civil status no. 4, it was confirmed to us by the employee of the Civil Registry, that the deceased Hasan Shaipi is alive and the head of the family. According to her, deregistration is mandatory, moreover, more than two months have passed since the death. For this problem, we meet Bajram Shaip, the brother of the deceased, the uncle of the informant. He refuses to explain why he does not give his nephew the death certificate, or why he did not deregister his deceased brother.

Journalist: Mr. Bajram, the son of your late brother, Mr. Shaipi, addressed "Stop". Now he says you have the property documents, his father's death certificate, your brother's. You have admitted this to the Vlora Police, why don't you give them the papers?

Bajram Shaipin: Is that what you came for? I don't give you an answer.

Journalist:  Why?

Bajram Shaipin: I have no documents, who said that I have documents.

Journalist: By what right do you keep the gentleman's death card?

Bajram Shaipin:  Who said?

Journalist: You admitted it to the police.

Bajram Shaipin: Well, I've admitted that I haven't gone yet, when I'm alone I will.

Journalist:  When are you going?

Bajram Shaipin: When I go, I know when I will go.

Journalist: Today, your brother who died is still alive in the Civil Registry.

Bajram Shaipin: I know very well.

Journalist: Well, that's what we're talking about! Why?

Bajram Shaipin: That I didn't have time of my own.

Journalist: Why don't you give it to the boy?

Bajram Shaipin: I don't give it to the boy, that's how we have disagreements. They are internal conversations.

Under these conditions, we asked the coroner in Vlora to issue a duplicate death certificate, so that the son can deregister and then take the next steps for inheritance and the transfer of assets in his name./ tvklan

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