Denunciation: the 5 directors of Veliaj are taking out the suitcases with the stolen euros

2024-02-15 20:27:00, Denoncim CNA
Denunciation: the 5 directors of Veliaj are taking out the suitcases with the
Municipality of Tirana

5 directors of the municipality of Tirana, Erion Veliajt, were denounced this evening for filling their bags with money and sending them away from Albania.

The denunciation was made by former Prime Minister Sali Berisha during his speech to the protesters on "Mustafa Matohiti" street.

Berisha said that it is about the directors of Veliaj included in the "5D" file.

"Dear friends, these days the 5 directors of Erion Veliaj, closely related to his close family members, were found to be filling their suitcases with euros and flying from Podgorica to all four directions with the planes available with the stolen money, taxes of the citizens of the Municipality of Tirana.

Skapi is waiting for a bigger bribe to pardon them too, as he pardoned Edi Rama, as he pardoned Erion Veliaj.

Therefore, February 20 is the day of days, the day of justice, the day of truth, the day of victory!

Nothing can avoid us, nothing will prevent us without restoring pluralism, free vote, without saving Albania from the drug mafia regime.

Once again, Albanians and Albanians wherever you are, today more than ever Albania is waiting for you.

More than ever it is in your hands today.

"More than ever, we must stand up on February 20, wait for the ticket to the most hated regime that Albanians have known after Enver Hoxha's dictatorship," he declared.

Previously, the chief democrat denounced that the 5 directors of the municipality stole 30 million euros of public money with their family members.

We remind you that SPAK is investigating the "5D" file, a file for which BKH made checks a few weeks ago in the Municipality of Tirana2 and in the homes of the directors of this municipality. The checks were also related to the affair in the non-existent incinerator of Tirana./ CNA

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