She is blackmailed on Instagram, the police close the case!/ 50-year-old woman attempts suicide

2024-02-26 21:30:45, Denoncim CNA

She is blackmailed on Instagram, the police close the case!/ 50-year-old woman

On February 14, 2023, the investigative show "Fiks Fare" aired the denunciation of a 50-year-old woman, to whom several derogatory pages had been opened on the "Instagram" social network.

The complainant said that she had been living with a person for 22 years, who she later learned was married. The 50-year-old woman said that she had 2 children from her first marriage, while she also had a 10-year-old daughter with this cohabitant. "They have opened several pages on 'Instagram', but the police are not investigating them. I went several times and still they don't find the author. I suspect that it was done by the son of the roommate, who is 22 years old. Everyone in Peshkopi knows our history," she said. At that time, Fiksi was interested in Dibra Police, where officer Ramiz Alia said that "there is evidence to investigate this matter".

She is blackmailed on Instagram, the police close the case!/ 50-year-old woman

Meanwhile, a few days later, the 10-year-old daughter of the whistleblower contacted the editors of Fiks and sent a voice message. "Hello. My mother attempted suicide yesterday. The officer called him and told him that the case is closed. I was horrified when I found it. We went to Dibra Hospital and then to Tirana. We are currently in Tirana. I'm only asking how the police officer closed the case," the minor girl would declare.

After this message, Fiks journalists go and meet the 50-year-old whistleblower at the "Mother Teresa" Hospital in Tirana. The lady was in the Emergency, in the 6th floor area of ??the Intoxicated Ward. First, Fiksi meets the children, the 10-year-old daughter he has with his cohabitant, who reported her condition to Fiks Fare, and the son from his first marriage who came from Italy. The complainant says that she undertook this act after communicating with OPGj Ramiz Alia. Ramizi told him that the investigations have been closed. He wrote him a message, but without giving him any documents. "Out of desperation that the case was closed, I went into depression and drank pills. I took the act only after the case was dismissed. I asked that even though they knew who the person was, they still closed the investigation," says the whistleblower.

She is blackmailed on Instagram, the police close the case!/ 50-year-old woman

She further claims that her daughter found her in a serious condition. The girl received the emergency room and then the complainant went to the Dibra Hospital for treatment. The Peshkopia Police also went to the emergency room of this hospital. "The police chief who came to the emergency room told me that the person who opened these profiles was escorted and the police told him to 'leave it at that,'" says the whistleblower. Meanwhile, her son claims that the people he suspects of having opened the profiles on Instagram have close people in the Peshkopia Police. Even, according to him, these people have intervened so that the case is dismissed and not pursued.

Fiks Fare contacted the Police and the Prosecutor's Office of Peshkopia. At that time, OPGj Ramiz Alia said that now there are elements and that he would investigate the matter. But even these proofs seem not to be enough. He has sent several messages to the complainant on the phone telling her that the case is closed. Afterwards, the informant asked him for a document, but he blocked and deleted these messages. And, precisely after this situation, the whistleblower took this action.

She is blackmailed on Instagram, the police close the case!/ 50-year-old woman

Fiksi contacted Dibra Police about the investigations and the suicide attempt of the informant. In response, the police wrote that the report was made on February 9, 2024, while on February 13 the case was registered at the Prosecutor's Office. On February 16, the prosecution decided not to start the criminal proceedings. Regarding the form of notification of the citizen, the police say that with the authorization of the prosecutor, the case officer notified the whistleblower.

Regarding the suicide attempt, the police say that on February 21, 2024, at 3:00 p.m., they were informed that the citizen had gone to the Dibra Regional Hospital for medical help. It is suspected to be due to the consumption of an overdose of drugs.

Fiksi asked the police if they have started any investigation for "suicide cause". In response, the police say that "the first investigative actions have been carried out and work continues to document the circumstances of this case with legal evidence".

She is blackmailed on Instagram, the police close the case!/ 50-year-old woman

Fiks Fare secured the decision not to initiate the case, signed by prosecutor Urim Kalia. On February 16, just 3 days after the 50-year-old's denunciation, he decided not to start the investigation. So, for just a few hours, the prosecutor decided not to investigate, despite writing that the court should decide on the request against the "META" company. But why didn't the prosecutor request this request in court? What did it cost?

Then, the prosecutor said that "there is no interference with the computer data". According to him, those who opened did not interfere with the existing profile of the citizen, but opened a new one with her photos. But, although the prosecutor admits that there were insults, insults, threats and denigration of the 50-year-old woman, he still refused to investigate! The prosecutor admits that it can be "insult" or "interference in private life". But these crimes, he writes, should be prosecuted in court by the whistleblower herself! So, the citizen must prove the accusations against the suspects, assuming the role of the prosecutor.

She is blackmailed on Instagram, the police close the case!/ 50-year-old woman

In this decision, the prosecutor seems to acquit himself, as he only provides technical data and citations of articles of the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code. Evidence of suspected persons is missing. It is only the report of the citizen and a review of her phone. Why were the suspects not questioned? Who intervened so that they did not give any statement? The lack of investigation on the part of the police officer and the speed to dismiss this case by the prosecutor, brought about the aggravation of the psychological state of the informant./ tch

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