Vlora Landfill/ Rama promised it almost in the spring, 'ITS' has no money for debts

2024-02-24 21:04:00, Denoncim CNA

Vlora Landfill/ Rama promised it almost in the spring, 'ITS' has no

In October 2023, Prime Minister Edi Rama, during an inspection walk in the area of ??Dhërmi, demanded "forcefully" from the mayor of Vlora, Ermal Dredha, that the city's new landfill be closed by the spring of this year.

After this order, Rama addressed the cameras of his staff, making this promise to the citizens of Vlonia: the new landfill will be ready in the spring of 2024".

Vlora Landfill/ Rama promised it almost in the spring, 'ITS' has no

The Prime Minister was forced to say something, as the old landfill of the city, transformed into an "ecological bomb", turned into the worst postcard of the tourist season, which Rama considered "excellent".

The plumes of black smoke that rose in the summer from the fire at the old landfill site were exactly the kind of postcard that the head of government, whose main concern is aesthetics rather than substance, did not need.

Vlora Landfill/ Rama promised it almost in the spring, 'ITS' has no

And, however, beyond the promises to the citizens and the order to the mayor Dredha, the new landfill is not only not ready for this spring, but it is not at all clear when it will be finished. In addition, not a little, but almost 3 years have passed since the deadline stipulated in the contract for the completion and delivery of this public work.

The entrepreneurial company, "Integrated Technology Service" of the businessman in search, Klodian Zoto, is currently under state administration, after the involvement of its owner and the company in the incinerator affair.

Vlora Landfill/ Rama promised it almost in the spring, 'ITS' has no

The state management of the company not only did not bring innovation, but it is not even providing solutions to the obligations carried by Zoto.

Therefore, "Integrated Technology Service" has recently been placed under foreclosure due to arrears. This is the sixth seizure in a row, while the other five are still active.

With a very difficult financial situation and no possibility to carry out economic activity, the "ITS" company under state management seems to find it almost impossible to fulfill the "desire" of the prime minister, who meanwhile has not said a word about why this project has exceeded any kind of limit to be submitted.

Seizures in series

The company "Integrated Technology Service" was placed under preventive seizure in December 2021, as part of the investigations carried out by the Special Anti-Corruption Structure (SPAK), as part of the incinerator affair.

Its owner, Klodian Zoto, has been on the run since then, while he is burdened by several security measures, "prison arrest" and not yet final punishments for abuses of the concession contracts of the Elbasan, Fier and Tirana incinerators.

After his departure, the management of the private company was taken over by the Seized and Confiscated Assets Administration Agency.

Subsequently, various companies, which had performed services for Zoto's "ITS", requested the liquidation of their invoices.

In the absence of voluntary settlement, the companies, at various times, asked the court to issue an execution order for the unpaid invoices.

After the court, Private Enforcement came into play, which since August 2023, has issued a total of 6 seizure orders.

Vlora Landfill/ Rama promised it almost in the spring, 'ITS' has no

The most recent sequestration in a row is dated February 8, 2024 and is about the non-payment of about 30 invoices that "ITS" owed to an architectural studio.

The landfill is "blocked".

The difficult financial situation of "Integrated Technology Service" will of course be reflected in the endless delay of the new Vlora landfill.

In June 2020, "ITS" in cooperation with an Italian company, "Bulfaro" won a tender worth 10 million euros for the construction of the new Vlora landfill.

The tender was kept "secret". It was only learned when the German bank "KFW", which has given loans to the Albanian government for this project, published it on its website.

Vlora Landfill/ Rama promised it almost in the spring, 'ITS' has no

When about 4 years have passed since that tender, the Albanian government has not made any kind of transparency about the procedures followed in this case.

"Boldnews.al", some time ago, requested information about the tender, participants, offers and the method of selecting the winner, based on the law "On Public Information".

However, the institutions involved in this procedure, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the National Agency for Water-Sewage and Urban Waste (AKUM) and the Municipality of Vlora, refused to provide information.

The total lack of transparency continued even after the activation of the Information Commissioner and the holding of a hearing at this institution.

However, the fact remains that the 10 million euro tender was won by "ITS" and "Bulfaro". Currently that Zoto's "Integrated Technology Service" is under seizure, first as part of the criminal investigation and further, due to unpaid debts, Rama's promise to complete the new Vlora landfill will continue to remain on paper. /boldnews

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