"No one checks them, even if they are poisoned"/ Prohibited products are sold freely on school railings

2024-02-27 21:52:02, Denoncim CNA

"No one checks them, even if they are poisoned"/ Prohibited products

In September 2023, Minister Balla spoke publicly about the security perimeter, which will be 50 m in air distance from schools, as well as about the importance of preventing the sale of narcotics: cigarettes or products from street vendors to minors in schools.

In 2018, some changes were made to law 9158 on the use of alcohol among minors, where it was added that in addition to alcohol, the use of energy or carbonated drinks would also be prohibited. The show "Stop" has made an observation in 9-year-old schools and the situation is equally chaotic.

During the break, inappropriate products are sold to the students at the school railings, or at the kiosks opposite. Ndriçim Mehmeti, an education expert, says that this situation is very worrying. The security perimeter is not enforced and students are at risk.

Ndriçim Mehmeti: In September, we were promised that after 90 days there would be an instruction, and it would even pass in parliament. As far as I know, it has not passed the parliament and I don't know, we are here at the school and I don't know what the security perimeter consists of. Which means: where does it start and where does it end, who controls this security perimeter for food, for fights that happen, for issues related to the smooth running of the lesson. They are absolutely forbidden. These are now not only sold inside bars, where children can take them without any problem, including alcoholic beverages, but they are also being sold at the doors of schools. No one checks them here, and even if they are poisoned, we don't know who the person who sold them is. We have zero control over them. Intervene the psycho-social service, the security officer, but obviously, apart from that, I think that what is called the task force, should act every day. So, stop eating immediately.

Journalist: Should the school doors be opened? We're talking during recess.

Ndriçim Mehmeti: Absolutely! If you go, in all the schools it says that parents are not allowed to enter, but not theirs... It is forbidden because we, unfortunately, have most of the schools on the side of the road and you can have a car accident because you don't have much protection.

On the other hand, Mirgit Vataj, Director of the Order of Social Workers, says that the solution can be achieved if all structures unite. According to him, the psycho-social service should work with the students, besides measures should be taken for those who sell prohibited products.

Mirgit Vataj: What is unfortunate is that we still don't have an effectiveness in monitoring and documenting all these cases. And this is a very important moment, starting from school; the children's awareness part. The psycho-social staff of the schools, the social workers of the schools should talk to the children about the problems that the part of the energy drinks shows, that is, the serious damage that the energy drinks cause to the children's health. The second is that school security officers need to be very vigilant. So, if they see that inside the perimeter or near the perimeter of the school, there are merchants or shops and markets that trade, they should report them. The issue of energy drinks should also be in their focus. So, to identify all those points that sell energy drinks for children and of course to apply all the legal measures provided by the 2018 code. / tvklan

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