Russian lobbying/ Behind the scenes of closing the investigative file of Lulzim Basha

11 Maj 2022, 11:10, English CNA
Russian lobbying/ Behind the scenes of closing the investigative file of Lulzim

Prosecutor Elisabeta Imeraj has revealed details of how was closed the Russian lobbying investigation file, where the defendant was the former leader of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha.

The story of Russian lobbying begins on November 14, 2017, when the company ?Stonington Strategies? reported to the US Department of Justice, that it had received two payments from the Democratic Party of Albania worth a total of 500 thousand dollars, and a third payment from the company ?Biniatta Trade LP? with a value of 150 thousand dollars.

Funding started with several companies based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and then ended with the lobbying of Nick Muzin, who declared to the US Department of Justice twice the sums received by Lulzim Basha for lobbying the US State Department and the office of President Donald Trump.

But apparently everything has been illegal. These were hidden funding, with money
which don?t a clear source. But what happened to Nick Muzin?s testimony? In the show ?The Unexposed?, Imeraj, former head of the Tirana Prosecutor?s Office, has revealed the steps that have been followed by the prosecution in this investigation.

According to her, Muzin had set conditions to come and testify in Albania. ?Mr.Muzin has benefited from the right not to speak (in the US), while in relation to the authorities in Albania, he would testify if he is guaranteed not to take criminal responsibility. I have requested that the prosecution create the procedural possibility for Muzin to give his testimony ?- said Imeraj.

According to Imeraj, if the Prosecution were a centralized body, the head of the prosecution would have the opportunity to overturn the decision-making of the prosecutors in the case, and in these circumstances Basha would end up before justice. ?Prosecutors decide to close the investigation and take the case to court?-she said.

CNA.al has previously published an exclusive document provided by the US Department of Justice, where according to statements made by the lobbying company ?Muzin Capitol LL?, it turns out that the Russian company ?Biniatta Trade LP? paid them according to the company agreement to the company ?Stoningstone Strategies ?4 sums of money:150 thousand dollars for each month for a period – monthly, on March 15, April 15 and May 15, 2017, ie in total the amount of 450 thousand dollars. According to the documents, Biniatta would pay Stonington, the amount of 500.000 dollars as a special fee, until the closing of the agreement on March 23, 2017.

So, in total 950 thousand dollars. Another document published by CNA.al, is the second contract, which has 3 amounts of 25 thousand dollars paid by the DP, ie a total of 75 thousand dollars. So, in total, Lulzim Basha has paid 1 million 25 thousand dollars for lobbying in the US.

According to official data from the US Department of Justice, there are 2 contracts, one submitted in March and one in November 2017. What Imeraj said on Monday, but also Lulzim Basha in the media, are different from the reality in the American Department of Justice./ CNA.al

Lobimi rus/ Prapaskenat për mbylljen e dosjes hetimore të Lulzim Bashës

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